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Gun Blogger Rendezvous Registration is OPEN!

Gun Blogger Rendezvous is just a few, measly months away! This year the Rendezvous will be held September 5th-8th and it will be in the usual spot, the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino located in beautiful Reno, Nevada. The registration fee is $30 per person and it includes the cost of the Silver Legacy Hospitality […]

I Have Too Many Gun-Related Shirts

I’m cleaning house and giving away the following t-shirts. All are used in good condition. All have been around a dog. They’re FREE to a good home, email me your mailing info at and I’ll send them to you. If you wanna chip in for shipping, that’s awesome. If not, no worries. 🙂 Grey […]

Target Practice and Fire Safety

After Randy’s Tannerite escapade, I emailed University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Living With Fire program coordinator Ed Smith asking about the wildfire danger caused by target shooters shooting out in the boonies. Here’s our conversation: From: Gun Girl To: Ed Smith Subject: Wildfire and Gunfire Hi Ed~ Can gunfire cause wildfires? If so, are there […]

Firearms and Wildfires

After Randy’s Tannerite-involving, don’t burn down the city escapades, I’ve been trying to find research-based information on the effects of discharging a firearm in a wildfire prone area. I’ve found several news stories out of California and Utah which blame target shooters for wildfires. I’ve read forum postings which state that shooting can cause fires, […]

Got Money? Get Sig!

A custom engraved, Soldiers’ Angels Sig Saur 1911 that is. Thanks to our friends at SIG SAUER and, this one-of-a-kind reverse two-tone 1911 is up for auction to help raise funds for Soldiers’ Angels.  By bidding on this donated firearm, you can help out Project Valour-IT. Plus, if you end up the winning bidder, you’ll be the proud […]

Interview With Top Shot’s Dustin Ellermann

Tonight I’m scheduled to do a phone interview with Dustin Ellermann. Is there anything in particular you guys and gals would like me to ask him? For those of you watching the show, don’t forget that it’s not just the contestants who are eligible to win prizes. Yah, sure their prize is $100,000, but you […]

Woolrich Elite Series Supports Project Valour-IT

Last week, I put up a picture of a memo from Woolrich Elite Series which stated that they’re going to, at the urging of the good folks of Gun Blogger Rendezvous, donate proceeds to help Soldier’s Angel’s Project Valour-IT… Well, now we have all of the juicy details! Woolrich Elite Series wants to give readers of […]

GBR Hangover

The after-effects of GBR: The house is super-messy after days of coming home, dropping everything on the living room floor and falling into bed. I spent five hours on Monday catching up on Statistics homework. Five hours of math isn’t something I’d wish on my own worst enemy. Ugh. I worked from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. yesterday […]

GBR: Day 1

On the first day of GBR, I got up early and drove toward the Silver Legacy where the GBR attendees were meeting up to eat breakfast together. It was a nice drive… Good sunshiny weather, a sky full of hot air balloons rising and moving along the blue sky. But I didn’t end up at […]