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Questionable incident at TMCC

TMCC Police Department is seeking your help in our efforts to identify a person of interest in a reported battery case, which occurred at TMCC on the Dandini Campus. On Thursday, September 8, 2011, between 7:50pm and 8:20pm, an unidentified male subject approached a female student in the Student Center. After talking for a short […]

Update: UNR Shootings

I received the following email in my inbox today explaining how the shootings on/near UNR campus are anomalies, not associated with any UNR faculty/staff/students and that I should feel safe on campus. The first shooting involved a wanted, wounded, home-invader running through campus. With nothing to lose, he surely could have posed a danger to the […]

Another Shooting at Gun-Free UNR!

University Police Officers were dispatched at 8:14 P.M. Saturday August 20, 2011 to a reported shooting in the area South of the Sarah Fleishman Building. The victim reported that he was confronted and shot . The suspect is described as a light skinned/light haired Hispanic or Indian male, with sandy blond hair. If you have […]

“Gun-Free-Zone” UNR Experiences Drive-by Shooting

University and Reno Police Officers were dispatched at 3:37 A.M. Friday August 19, 2011 to a reported shooting on North Virginia at Artemesia Street. The victim reported that he was shot while walking on Virginia Street in the area. At this time we do not have any information on suspect(s). If you have any information […]

Appleseed at Gun Blogger Rendezvous!

HawkHavn of Appleseed has agreed to send Gun Blogger Rendezvous FREE APPLESEED gift certificates. We will be passing them out to all of those who have registered to attend GBR at the Saturday night shin dig. Whoohoo! HawkHavn will also be sending free targets (who doesn’t love free targets?) as well as Appleseed brochures and business cards. […]

Gun Safety

On Tuesday night, a couple of over 18 but still teens came over to my home. One, I had met previously, the other I was not familiar with. They talked to my husband about a video game we both play (World of Warcraft). Then, we got on the subject of guns. The guy I hadn’t met […]

Top Shot Season 3

Ben Whitman, a social media outreach specialist working for Digital Apparent, is making the rounds asking gun-related blogs/sites to pimp out a show called TOP SHOT for his client, the History channel. He sent me an email asking for a bit of space on my blog in return for swag. Free stuff? Sure, why not. […]

Girls <3 Guns is going to Gun Blogger Rendezvous!

Gun Blogger Rendezvous is just around the corner! It will be held in Reno again this year, which is super-awesome for me because I’m too broke to travel. Having gun events in my backyard is a blessing. The dates for this year’s Rendezvous are September 8th-11th and deals have been made with Reno’s Silver Legacy […]