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Good news everyone

The Appleseed-shoot-neglecting, can’t-afford-ammo, no-new-guns-for-me stretch of life in the GG household seems to be soon coming to an end. GB got a job!!! A good one too with a nice pay rate and health insurance. I’m proud of my honey. Final exams are tomorrow. Between being done with summer semester and having two stable incomes […]

Uhoh… Nevada Campus Carry Troubles

“Good news/bad news for SB 231 – Assem. James Ohrenschall has given us the final vote to win a majority of Assembly Judiciary Committee members but the Chairman, William Horne, won’t schedule a vote on the bill! Three days left and we’re doing all we can to get this through – please contact Chairman Horne […]

Bought any guns lately?

In my family, “bought any guns lately?” has become the new “how’s the weather?” My mom asked me that on Mother’s Day because she’s considering moving out into her own house and wants some protection there. Then, just this week my dad calls and asks me that very same question. “No, dad. I haven’t bought […]

Guns and California

I need help. Someone I know who lives in California lost his right to own firearms when, in a small scuffle, he told someone that “they outta be shot.” The guy pressed charges, the judge sentenced this person to community service and to losing his guns for a period of time. He did his community […]

Guns and Job Loss

My hubby lost his job. We are creatively making ends meet at the moment, but we can’t maintain our current lifestyle if he doesn’t find another job in the next month or so. If he doesn’t (and he is working his rear end off to make sure this doesn’t happen), our plan is to move […]


It’s an awesome morning when someone is holding a handgun and remarks “I haven’t taken this thing apart in a long time,”  and you’re able to say “I bet I can do it!” And then do it and reassemble it when you’re done too. The morning is especially good when this person is the guy […]

Ammo for Anniversary

After church on Sunday, GB and I were stopped by a family in our ward who wanted to give us a late wedding present. Friday was our one-month anniversary, so we joked that this was a wedding/anniversary/Valetine’s Day gift all in one. When we got home and unwrapped it, this is what we found:   […]

Top Shot Try Outs

I got this in my email today: “Season 1 was a hit, and Season 2 is on its way. Now it’s your turn to take a shot at Season 3! If you are skilled with a pistol, rifle or any other firearm, you could win $100,000 in prizes on the third season of History Channel’s electrifying competition show, […]