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Domestic Violence, Exes and Guns

Everyday, I read the gun news. To keep me informed and to get some content on the blog here for you all, even when I’m super-busy with final exams and Thanksgiving. I’ve been trying to keep my head in my school books so I can get good grades on my finals, but reading this article […]

Heart racing dinner

Dad drove down to visit me and he brought his girlfriend with him. This was the first time I’ve met her and I found her sweet, witty, all-around awesome. One highlight of their visit was the following situation. We went out to eat at a local restaurant. We sat where we could watch the comings […]

TMCC Student Withdraws Assault Claims

I was wondering why local news didn’t seem very concerned that TMCC notified the public of an assault. Maybe they knew the TMCC PD had doubts? I don’t know, but TMCC issued this notice today: “On October 19, 2010, TMCC Police Department initiated an exhaustive investigation into a reported battery, robbery and possible sexual assault […]

Campus Crime

I received the below email in my student email box today. It is about an assault that occurred last night at my local community college. I attended classes last night, I was in the same parking lot as the victim was at the same time she was. This could have been me. Nevada needs campus […]

Kids and Guns

I read a news story today which made me want to cheer. It’s about an 11 year old boy named Mason Knannlein. He stumbled across a handgun in a neighbor’s yard. According to The Blade Newspaper, the gun “had one round in its chamber, ten more bullets in its magazine and no external safety device […]

The evolution of a gun girl

A bit more than a year ago, I was planning to leave an abusive marriage. I was saving money and walking on egg shells. A friend of mine suggested I look into self-defense. We both knew the most dangerous time for a women in a domestic situation is during the process of leaving and right […]

New Ears: Moldex 6100 Model M1

[SlideDeck id=’371′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] Awhile back I picked up this pair of Moldex Model M1 hearing protection at the Goodwill Thrift Store for $3.99. I had been using GB’s backup pair previously and they were too large and quite uncomfortable. Although I found that I could not hear people talking well while wearing them, I […]