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Girls <3 Guns Articles Available as PDFs

Need another way to access all of the Girls <3 Guns information about guns, open carry, concealed carry, Appleseed, etc.? Well, now you can not only read at your computer through various web browsers and on your smart phones, but also you can download PDFs of the content here. People on dial-up, I know a […]

So you want to buy your girl a gun for Christmas…

My blog has been receiving a lot of hits from people Googling for information about which concealed carry gun to buy their girl for Christmas. The correct answer is: DO NOT BUY YOUR GIRL A CONCEALED CARRY GUN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! Don’t buy her any guns for Christmas. No plinkster .22 handguns, no rifles, no shotguns, […]

FREE Gun eBooks!!

The Rifleman posted over on his blog that Google offers several eBooks about guns for free. The books range from how-tos  to military guides and NRA reports. They’re all older books; that’s why they’re free. To check out the list that The Rifleman compiled, go to his blog. I spend a delicious morning downloading all […]

GG may or may not have an evil twin

On Twitter today, I noticed someone Tweeting about her new article: Hairstyles for the Gun Range. It’s similar to my Shooting Range Hairstyles article that I published as a page and as a blog entry back in October and about which NRA News interviewed me. The article is even signed with my initials: GG! It […]