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links for 2011-08-31

Ohio man shot by real gun during moviemaking – Houston Chronicle Police in Ohio say a man was shot in the leg when a friend mistook a real gun for a prop while they worked on an amateur action movie. (tags: guns shootings gunsafety concealedcarry) Concealed Carry | National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act | Your right to […]

links for 2011-08-25

Woman, 90, beats back burglars with cane A feisty 90-year-old German woman chased away three would-be burglars from her rural farmhouse with her cane, police said on Monday. The retired farmer was moving around her house with the help of a walking frame and spotted the intruders — two men and one woman. She grabbed […]

links for 2011-08-24

2 bears killed on opening weekend of Nevada hunt Two female bears were killed during the opening weekend of the first bear hunting season in state history, state wildlife officials said Sunday. One was shot in the Carson Range near Verdi west of Reno, while the other was taken in the Pine Nut Mountains near […]

links for 2011-08-23

Custom Leather Holsters : Pistol Pouch When I started to carry a self-defense pistol, I tried many different holster styles: shoulder, IWB (in the waistband), ankle. None of them were comfortable, and none of them set my mind at ease that if I were ever in a situation where I had to defend myself, that […]

links for 2011-08-20

A Free Guide to Women's Self Defense and Self Protection Alarms and whistles are not an effective way for women to stop or prevent an attack against them. The reason for this is that too much is left to chance: A woman who blows a whistle is gambling on the hope that not only someone […]

links for 2011-08-17

No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: Firearms Training Is Too Important To Be Left To Mall Ninjas Andrew at Vuurwapen Blog posted a "training" video from American Defense Enterprises as an example of unsafe gun handling. After watching the video, I just cringed to think that people actually wasted their good money on this […]

links for 2011-08-11

A couple that shoots together | Random Nuclear Strikes However, one of the things I didn’t see mentioned by the guys in the post’s comments writing about having their spouse also carrying. If one person carrying 52 rounds of 9mm is good, two people carrying 52 rounds of 9mm is better. And now, with this […]

links for 2011-08-05

Sharp as a Marble – Facts be damned Before July 1, 2001, applicants had to prove why they needed to carry a gun for protection. Since then, any nominally sane adult without a felony record qualifies. During the debate, opponents of the change warned of gun-toting, trigger-happy citizens loose on the streets. But violent crimes […]

links for 2011-08-04

Appleseed – Rifleman Opportunity Card The purchase of a RWVA membership of any level prior to Nov 30, 2011 in conjunction with paying to attend a two day Appleseed event entitles you to a Rifleman Opportunity Card (ROC). Please purchase your RWVA membership here. What is a ROC? It is a card that allows you […]

links for 2011-08-02

Stop California AB144! | VolkStudio Blog AB144 would cause harm twice: once by denying self-defense than the current restrictions, and again by making gun owners invisible to the public. De-normalizing open carry would damage our rights in the long run. (tags: guns selfdefense opencarry concealedcarry legislation california)