National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink Range Bag Giveaway!

The folks over at got a great idea into their heads! To help National Breast Cancer Awareness Month go out with a bang, they’ve decided to honor all of thoseĀ gun-totin’ cancer-survivin’ ladies out there with a pink range bag give-away! To enter, post your favorite survivor quote in the comment section of their give-away page.

This give-away brings attention to cancer and honors cancer survivors, but it also brings some publicity to a problem that faces many of us gun-lovin’ women: there aren’t very many feminine options for tactical and rang gear. We have to be one of the boys at the range, even if we don’t want to be. The bag in the give-away was created as a solution to the no-cute-range-bags problem by a place calledĀ Bang Bang Boutique!

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