She Don’t Like Guns

Awhile back, the Women’s Shooting Academy was asking for guestbloggers on their Facebook fan page. They threw out an idea for a post: how to get more women to like guns. I’ve been Googling around on the topic, because it is one that hits close to home. I didn’t like them and now I do. Something worked to change my mind, but is it a universal something? A strategy that can be used on others? I don’t know… Hence, the Google research.

I haven’t found much. Women gun ownership is on the rise. Guys in forums complain a lot about their anti-gun girlfriends or spouses. Cornered Cat describes what NOT to do when trying to convert a female gun owner. So far, I haven’t found a “how-to convert girls” text in my searches. While clicking around, I found a fun song though. It’s called “She don’t like guns” and its by Steve Lee. It may be of some comfort to those guys complaining on forums.

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  • Webgrandma says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. When teaching a woman to shoot, start out easy and allow the woman to choose how fast she wants to move up. Last night at the range, there was a guy standing behind his girlfriend, saying “Just shoot, just shoot!” She shot a few times, put the gun down, and had that look on her face that says she’ll never shoot again. Push a woman into an uncomfortable situation, and she may decide never to shoot again.
    2. Emphasize the enjoyable experience of shooting. Women tend not to be motivated by proving to someone else that they can shoot a bigger gun, or higher-caliber ammo. I like to think of shooting as “republican yoga” (read an article about a college-level shooter who called it this). Shooting requires concentration and focus, and when you’re done, you feel great.
    3. Add spa services and a coffee shop to the range. I sure wish my local range would add this – I could really go for a cappuccino after my shoot!

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