Aurora “is No More Dangerous Than Your Town”

Today, I have read many official statements released in response to the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado last night. Many of the statements included the word “shocked.”

I was not shocked to hear that a mass shooting occurred. The truth is that mass shootings have been in my realm of consciousness at least since high school. Since middle school, I have been careful about where I go, what I wear and who I talk to, a strategy designed to prevent kidnapping, assault or robbery. My husband and I are prepared in case of a home invasion situation.

It does not shock me that there is violence in this world or that it is of this magnitude, I have been taught that stuff like this happens ever since I was a child. As an adult, I have tried to be prepared for it.

Besides the word “shocked,” I’ve also heard a lot of “thank God that this sort of thing doesn’t happen where I live.” But immoral people performing immoral deeds are everywhere. Period. I have family in Aurora; they’ve been having a hard time dealing with the negative backlash that one man’s actions have had on their community. This is a quote from one of my relatives:

My town is no more dangerous than your town. My town has the same social problems as yours and although we may be a more culturally diverse town than most, we are not beneath you. Bad things happen everywhere and at this time more than ever Aurora does not need your negative criticism.


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