I accidentally… a spotting scope

But I don’t know a thing about it. It came with a padded, lockable case and keys as well as a tripod. The scope itself and the tripod are both marked Winchester. The scope says Winchester WLK-532 on it. There are numbers around the eyepiece to mark magnification and they range from 15-45. Can anyone tell me more about it?


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  • NotClauswitz says:

    The case is nice, and a tripod is always good. The eyepiece marked 15-45 is where the magnification work occurs – it goes from 15x to 45x. The other number that “matters” would be the distance across the front of lens where the light comes in and measures it’s light gathering ability and usually determines how sharp the scope will be = more light, more clarity, more visual “sharpness.”
    Hope this helps.

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