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A friend and coworker had her house robbed Monday. She came home from work to find many precious possessions gone; luckily the burglars were gone too. The police weren’t interested in her phone call reporting the robbery. They told her she could call back later to file a report, but that no one would come out to her home to investigate this crime. Another coworker commented that a similar thing happened to her friend. The police did respond to that call about a robbery, but not until three days later. 

I know a robbery isn’t high-priority when there are shootings and assaults being reported and in these economic times, we all need to allocate what limited resources we have to the most pressing of our problems. Sometimes, when we take care of the big issues first, there’s very little or nothing at all left of our resources to apply to the lower-priority issues. I understand our law enforcement crews are over-worked and that although they do patrol our neighborhoods, they’re not able to protect us.

Our safety lies with us.

One thing we can do to keep ourselves safe is to be aware. I’ve blogged about situational awareness twice recently. There is another way to be aware for your safety. Be crime aware: know what’s going on in your neighborhood, near your work, your favorite hiking spots, your schools. There are several tools available for locals to use when being crime aware. They are:

For those not local to me, check out the websites of your local TV stations, newspapers, Universities, police departments and Sheriff’s offices. Many other areas offer similar, even better, services. Another tip is to check out local gun or preppers forums. One forum local to me, Nevada Shooters, has a thread on how to listen to local police, fire and EMT radios. 


  • Randy Andrews says:

    Also a lot of those resources you listed can send news updates straight to your phone, so when any time of crime/robberies/violence/whatever is happening in your neighborhood you can get updates straight to your phone, or via twitter, so you can stay up to date with what’s going on.

  • Gun Girl says:

    News notifications are one of the many ways our cell phones can keep us safe. Thanks for the tips Randy!

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