Armed and Safe’s CCW Scholarship Program

Since I began to learn to shoot just a few short months ago, I have aspired to get my Concealed Carry Weapons permit, but doing so had always seemed out of reach for me. As a recent divorcée, I have more bills than I had while married and less than half of the money I had while married with which to pay them. My ex-husband left me with his two cars and car payments, plus I have my car and my car payment. Due to depreciation and this tight economy, I sold his two cars for less than was owed on them and now I’m paying off the debt. To put it simply, money’s tight. Getting time off of work and getting up enough cash to purchase a suitable carry weapon, pay the course registration fee and the application fee seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle. My financial reality didn’t prevent me from daydreaming, however.

I asked GB’s permission to borrow his Bersa if I took the class and I continued to research the course, wondering what it would be like and investigating the various local companies which offered it. In my online CCW adventures, I stumbled across Allan and Kelly Main’s website ( I read that they were offering a course on my next furlough day and I realized that if I could take this class, one of my obstacles would be relieved. It’s mandatory I take this unpaid day off of work, I might as well do something awesome with that time off. I emailed Armed and Safe to register for their course, but after a night of accounting during which I reviewed the slow progress of my CCW savings account, I determined the class and permit were unattainable for me financially and I emailed Kelly the next day to withdraw from the course.

When I explained why, she began to explain to me the details of a program she and Allan started when Briana Dennison’s killer was on the loose. Starting in 2008, Allan and Kelly have trained Reno women for free or at cost. This program was reported on in various media outlets, through which a soldier found out about Allan and Kelly’s goal “to help make Reno a safe place for citizens and police (Armed and Safe).” The soldier, I understand, is a father of two grown daughters and he wanted the daughters of others to be as safe as his own children are. He contacted Armed and Safe to sponsor more scholarships, helping Allan and Kelly meet their goal. Through this soldier’s generosity, Allan and Kelly were able to offer me the ability to attend their course. I was blessed to be able to accept their last available scholarship and attend the class to earn my CCW.

In class, I learned about responsibility, self-defense and more. On the range, I was able to shoot proficiently with my Walther P22, GB’s Bersa Thunder .380 and the Bersa Thunder 9 Pro of a classmate. Seeing the holes in my target, I was able to stand taller than I have done in awhile. Learning to shoot and passing this course has made me into a stronger, more confident woman than the woman I was as the wife of an abusive man. GB has been a big part of that transformation. And now so have an unknown soldier and Allan and Kelly Main through their scholarship program. Thanks guys! I appreciate all that you do.

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