New Rifleman Gear

To attend an Appleseed, you need gear. There is a list of suggested gear, but the only five mandatory items are: rifle, ammo, hearing protection, eye protection and a teachable attitude. Appleseed attendees add to that list as they gain experience: sunscreen, lawn chairs, tent stakes to hold down shooting mats, etc. But there’s one item I have not seen on any official or unofficial Appleseed gear list: headphones.

Why headphones? Well it’s true, you won’t use them out on the range shooting at your Appleseed shoot. But your Appleseed training doesn’t stop when you leave the range after Sunday benediction. One very important step, the seventh step, is done mostly outside of Appleseed range grounds and it involves fellowshipping others to and keeping yourself active, updated and interested in the Appleseed way of life. One way you can work on your seventh stepping is by listening to Appleseed Radio.

It’s a long show; to listen to it properly, you need gear. At the very least, Appleseed Radio listeners should have a comfortable, dedicated Appleseed chair. We’ve heard of Dedicated Appleseed Ranges (DAR), now I’m declaring that there is such thing as a Dedicated Appleseed Chair (DAC). Get one. I have one. Once you have assumed your position in your DAC, you need a way to listen to Appleseed Radio. For me, I use my iPhone coupled with my new DAH, or Dedicated Appleseed Headphones.

Here’s a lovely slideshow of my new rifleman gear. When you see gglovesguns logged in on BlogTalk Radio during an Appleseed Radio broadcast, you’ll know the gear behind the name.

Note: The plugin I used to put the pictures in this post, disables comments. I’m trying to fix it right now. Check back later to see the headphones pictures. 🙂 Sorry for the trouble!

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