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Awhile back, I purchased a Marlin 795SS using Davidson’s Gun Genie. Gun Genie takes the gun you want and looks for its prices at dealers near you. I chose to accept the price quote from a small local gun dealer called Weaver Arms. A couple of people over on the www.nevadashooters.com forum had dealt with Weaver Arms and had good experiences, but I hadn’t conducted business with Weaver previous to this purchase. The forum posters mentioned this company was more of a one-man-show, than an actual gun shop. Because of the limited feedback and the idea that I’d be picking up my firearm from a guy running a gun shop out of his small office, I was a bit nervous about choosing to do business with Weaver.

Despite my reservations, Weaver won my business because their prices were the cheapest and they were so quick and courteous to talk to via email. I say “they,” but Weaver Arms really is a one-man-circus and the man’s name is Jim. The second my rifle arrived, Jim left me a message for me to come pick it up. Luckily I was able to get off of work to do so as their hours are very limited, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., but Jim mentioned to me that if I couldn’t get off of work, he would arrange special hours for me. Finding Jim’s office is a bit difficult. It’s inside of a small, unnoticeable building. I open carried to the pick up because I wasn’t sure about this Jim guy. He had great prices and gave good customer service via phone and email, but what if he was a perv? Jim’s office building didn’t have any prohibiting sign-age and neither Jim nor the receptionist cared I had a gun on my hip. Jim had my rifle at the ready and he was quick with the paperwork, payment and receipt. He chatted about my experience with Davidson’s, with him and his prices. He mentioned that he started working with Davidson’s as a hobby, but that it was really picking up for him. 


With his prices, service and open carry friendly policies, I don’t see any reason for Jim’s hobby to slow down any time soon. If you’re in Reno and are looking to give your business to a mom and pop sized company instead of the large chain stores like Scheel’s and Cabela’s, try shopping with the ‘pop’ of Weaver Arms, Jim Weaver.


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