Appleseed: Every Rifleman A Recruiter

The Mormons have a saying: “Every member a missionary.” The Appleseed movement should have a similar saying: “Every rifleman a recruiter.” It’s time to recruit those who are not voting, who are apathetic, lazy, disappointed and transform them into patriots who care about their country. This transformation is not made by hanging up flags and wearing T-shirts with <3 New York on them, but by actually learning why a person should be patriotic, why a person should value his liberty. A way of understanding the value of liberty is to study the  costs paid for it by our Revolutionary War era ancestors. This is where Appleseed shines. “…Appleseed is the Story of April 19th, 1775, the story you never heard in school, the real story, and it will make you not only relive pride in your heritage but just might make you want to protect that heritage and see it passed on for another generation. After attending an Appleseed AQT shoot, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to become a true rifleman, and will understand the critical need for helping us expand this program until every American has had an opportunity to come and learn the tradition, the history, and the heritage – just like you did” (

I first became interested in Appleseed when as a new shooter I was looking for inexpensive, effective ways to improve my marksmanship. I discovered their website,, and after reading it, I was hooked. My recruiting phase began right there, before I had even attended the shoot. I convinced my boyfriend GB to come with me because I needed a ride there. +1 on my recruiting rifleman score!  Then, as I shopped at various gun stores around town for the necessary Appleseed supplies, I continued to share the story of Appleseed. In Sportsman’s Warehouse, I had three gun counter personnel gathered around a store computer viewing the Appleseed website as I delivered my recruiter’s message. I recruited at work and church while arranging for time off and substitutes for my Sunday school class. And here, I continue my message.

In that “Every rifleman a recruiter” spirit, I want to publicize an upcoming Appleseed shoot here in Nevada’s Old Middlegate Station, near Fallon. Information about the shoot can be found here at this Appleseed forum posting about it: And interested parties can register for the event by using Eventbrite’s online registration system here I encourage you to discover your American heritage, learn the history of this country and have fun while doing it. If nothing else, you’ll walk away from this event a much better shot. Register for this event or one of the many others like it being held around the country. For a complete listing of events, see


  • TrebleShooter says:

    Welcome to the Appleseed trail! Can’t wait to meet you on that trail again. 7th Stepping is addictive, isn’t it? Don’t forget about your southern neighbors!

  • Gun Girl says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I enjoyed Appleseeding with you. Thanks for being a good instructor to me and others on the line. And yes, it is addicting. I’m already making plans to staff a table at the upcoming Crossroads of the West Gun Show and I’ve only been to one Appleseed! Wanna (wo)man the table with me?

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