Do you ever feel like guns are taking over your life?

My to do list looks like this:

  • Vacuum living room, stairs and bedrooms
  • Clean the 2 upstairs and one downstairs bathrooms
  • Do dishes
  • Clean the kitchen and sweep and mop the kitchen floor
  • Go shopping at WalMart
  • Get gas for the (borrowed) car
  • Change the oil, wash and vacuum the (borrowed) car
  • Brush the dog
  • Call my mom and dad
  • Go car shopping

The list goes on and on, full of responsible, adult things to do, like pay the rent, balance the checkbook. And yet, I’ve done none of these responsible, adult things all weekend.

Instead, I rented a car and drove down on Friday after work to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center so that way I could shoot all day Saturday. Then I drove back on Sunday and went to church. Monday I went to work and got off at 5. I had all evening to get my range gear out of the living room and start in on the to do list, but did I? No.

Instead I grabbed my purse, range bag and Walther P22, got in the car (for which I still haven’t bought gas) and drove an hour round trip to go shooting with people I had never even met before. The League of Lethal Ladies after work shoot night didn’t get over until almost 9 p.m. and I still had to drive back home, stow the gun and gear, get my work clothes together and get ready for bed.

I’ve driven for eight total hours this weekend, averaged five hours of sleep since Friday and I’ve done none of the responsible, adult things all because I wanted to go bang. I predict that I will write a blog entry about my shooting experiences on Saturday, listen to Appleseed Radio tonight, write a blog entry about the LLL shooting night, post on the Appleseed forums and clean my Marlin 795 and Walther P22 all before I start in on the to do list. Crap. Guns have officially taken over my life.

And by extension, GB’s life too. Did you know when I came home from Appleseed on Sunday, I caught him eating out of a quiche dish because there were no other clean dishes in the house? Oh well. I guess clean dishes are overrated anyway.

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  • joe says:

    Taking over my life?

    No, I still have other priorities and responsibilities, but I do make sure that the Walnut Stocks get plenty of fresh air and exercise on a regular basis.

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