Shooting Improves Relationships

When GB and I began dating, he informed me that he’s not big on expressing affection. He doesn’t hold hands and lean on me. He doesn’t tell me cutesy words, write me poems, etc. He told me that I would know he cares about me because he would still be around. If and when he didn’t like me anymore, he’d be gone.

I’ve always been an affectionate person, so becoming accustomed to his aloof love was difficult at first, but then I learned to shoot. From the day I first fired a handgun at Safe Shot Indoor Range in Reno, Nevada, his affection for me increased. I did not hear so many “I love yous” come out of his mouth in our entire relationship leading up to that day as I heard in that following week. And it’s only increased since.

Take this weekend for example. I went to an Appleseed shoot down in Sacramento at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center. It was a three and a half hour drive down and another three and a half hours back. I left on Friday and didn’t return until Sunday. At first, he was worried about me going because it would involve me spending money when I don’t have much of that. But I went. And he missed me! More importantly, he told me so. Repeatedly. He even chatted me saying ” I’m glad you went. It made me appreciate you more when you are here.”

Ladies, need more affection from your shooter significant other? Try learning to shoot! It worked for me. 🙂

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