League of Lethal Ladies after work shooting night

On Monday after work, I went home and threw off my beautiful work ensemble in exchange for old jeans, old tennis shoes and a ball cap. I grabbed my purse, my Walther and my range bag and headed out the door for a 30 minute drive over to the League of Lethal Ladies after work shooting night event.

The drive was my favorite kind of drive: uneventful. I did not get lost. When I pulled up, several cars were already there. We all got out of our cars and stood around. No one was talking. This was my first league night so I was nervous that no one was talking. Finally, Jenny and Jesse showed up, the Queen of the league and her husband and they got the show on the road.

We started off with going over rules and range commands and signing liability waivers. Then, the fun began. We shot two 5-round practice sessions, one 5-round right hand only session and one 5-round left hand only session. Then, the games began.

We played Top Shot.

First, we had three rounds to shoot down three bowling pins, then we had two rounds to shoot two playing cards placed sideways in a target backer and finally, we shot flying orange clay targets. I went first. I missed everything! Although someone said they thought I hit the pins, but a 22 wasn’t strong enough to knock them over. Who knows. Who cares? It was fun! And on the bright side, having me go first and miss everything lessened the pressure on those following.

The winners of the Top Shot competition got to shoot exploding targets with either an AR or a Mosin. Nice!

We had a photographer at the shoot and she had never shot before. I offered her the use of my Walther and at the end of the night, in the dark! She took me up on that offer. And she shot very well.

At some point in the evening, Jenny noticed my Appleseed shirt and hat and asked me if I had gone to a shoot and how was it. I told her I had and that it was awesome. I gave her some Greenies, a trifold and the California schedule and invited her to come shoot with us in Sacramento or Red Bluff at the next two upcoming shoots. It turned out, she was on the waiting list for the Gardnerville shoot and if she had gotten in, I would have met her a long time ago and would have been able to go to more of these league nights she puts on. Darn!

She doesn’t have a car and so going down to Sacramento and Red Bluff would be hard on her. I told her I would work on getting more Gardnerville shoots scheduled so she could get her chance to go to an Appleseed. I gave greenies, trifolds and schedules to everyone else present as well and they all asked for more local shoots!

I had a blast at league night and look forward to more of these events. It was fun to see so many female shooters all in one place and to realize that I’m not alone in Reno.

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