Range Memories

Today as I was preparing to leave for the gun range, I remembered what happened to GB and I the last time we went to the range: wind. It was a nice day in town, but the range was 30+ minutes away and just that little bit of time and geography change made a huge difference in the weather. The wind at the range was blowing hard enough the range master called us “brave” for being willing to shoot in it. We were the only range patrons there, but we never did get to shoot in the wind. The wind wouldn’t let us. Well, it wouldn’t let GB and since he couldn’t I couldn’t.

I duct taped my target to my target stand and placed my stand. I put it in the closest slot since I was shooting the Walther P22. GB duct taped his target to his stand and traipsed off to install his target stand three berms down because he was shooting his rifles that day. His target tore in the wind while he was walking down there, but he fixed it with duct tape. Once he had his target stand secured, his target blew away. The range master and I giggled while we watched him run down the range to get it back. When he gets it and gets back to his target stand… the stand is gone! The target stand was mounted into concrete and metal holes and the metal portion had bent so badly the stand was laying over backwards. He moved over one more hole and stood his target stand back up again. He walked back to explain to the range master that the metal was bent and needed to be fixed and she offered him a staple gun. GB’s like “Ummm… Why do I need a staple gun?” The range master just points down range where his target stand
is still standing but his paper target and cardboard backing are running down range again. She and I giggled as GB ran the length of the range, again.

I met GB at his target stand with the range master’s staple gun and we fixed up the target, but we decided to turn our stands back in and call it a day. As we walk back to the tables, we notice the range master is holding down GB’s rifles. The wind was blowing hard enough to push his Mosin-Nagant across the table! Whoah. We collect my target stand, which was unharmed by the wind and turn it in too. The range master giggled the whole time she was helping us pack up and was refunding our money. It was disappointing that we didn’t get to shoot, but I had plenty of fun watching GB run around the range, so I didn’t
mind. : )

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