Things I Need for Appleseed: Updated

What to bring to an Appleseed Event Checklist

Not everything listed here is necessary. This list was compiled from the experience of those who have attended an Appleseed. It includes those things that did or would have made their experience more enjoyable. Remember that you need to bring whatever it takes to learn to shoot better.

Personal items
➢ A teachable attitude (most important thing)
➢ Elbow pads or shooting Jacket
➢ Ground cover (Rug remnant works well)
➢ A hat
➢ Little notebook (those little 2.5 X 3.5 work well) don’t have
➢ Pen
➢ Sun Screen
➢ Lots of water (Must stay hydrated)
➢ Light Lunch
➢ Snacks
➢ Folding Chair (not necessary but nice)
➢ Wet wipes
➢ Bug spray
➢ Aspirin or Ibuprofen
➢ Necessary clothing for any kind of weather
➢ Ear protection Muffs and plugs *
➢ Eye protection *
➢ Fred’s Guide to becoming a Rifleman (if you have it) don’t have

Gun related stuff
➢ Rifle preferably zeroed for 25 meters
➢ 400+ rounds of the same type and brand of ammo
➢ Sight adjustment tools don’t have
➢ GI style web Sling have for Mosin, not for 22
➢ 5 Mags unloaded if not more. 20rds works well if State law allows don’t have
➢ Gun cleaning supplies and lube don’t have
➢ Instructions for your rifle (if you have them) don’t have
➢ Know your rifle note to self: get to know the Mosin and Marlin.
➢ Something to cover your rifle to keep blowing sand or rain off it. don’t have.
➢ Staple gun (if you already have one) don’t have.
➢ Staples don’t have.
➢ Know the laws of the State you are going to and only bring that which is within the
➢ Back-up rifle (if you have one).

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