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  • It is interesting to note that the LDS Church bans firearms from all their church buildings in Utah for several years, but that has not stopped recent and past shooting on LDS Church property. In 2008, a woman was shot at an LDS Church building in Lehi, Utah, a woman was wounded from a shooting just outside the Ogden temple. In 2009, a man plotted a shooting spree at the Jordan River Temple.
  • 1. Your concealed handgun is for protection of life only.

    Draw it solely in preparation to save a life from the wrongful and life-threatening criminal actions of another.

  • Not every game developer who makes games with firearms has handled an actual weapon, just like not every film director who makes movies with guns has handled a real gun.

    Kotaku reached out to some of the biggest names in game design to see what experience they have had with guns. The goal wasn't to pass judgment on those who have (or haven't) handled weapons, but rather to see if those experiences provide any insights into their games.

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  • Senator Reid just learned (the hard way) a few lessons about pandering to the gun lobby.

    First, no matter how much you appease the NRA, it will always want more.

    Second, because the NRA serves an extremist political ideology, you cannot successfully appease it without becoming extremist yourself.

    Third, as a Democrat, you are always vulnerable to being "outgunned" by an even more extreme pro-gun Republican. Harry Reid, meet Sharron Angle.

  • An attorney is suing Lee County, FL for its ordinance banning guns at parks, beaches, and museums. He says that the state’s concealed-carry law allows those with permits to carry guns pretty much wherever they want. Do you really need to take a gun to a museum? Just because you can carry a gun with you, it doesn’t mean you should.
  • I recently (um…about 5 minutes ago) stumbled across this Zazzle site for concealed carry-wear.
  • Look, I understand Plaxico was breaking the law when he decided to enter the city limits with a firearm. I get that, and I'm of the thought process that if I feel like I have to carry a weapon somewhere, that's a place that I do not need to be. But let's face the facts: Muggings and robberies take place in big cities all the time, and for what it's worth — although I didn't agree with Plaxico's decision to carry the gun — I understand completely that some people do not believe in being victimized by these miscreants of our society.

    I believe that people know and understand that we all are targets of thieves one time or another in our lives, and although Plaxico Burress did indeed break the law, we all know he was carrying that gun to protect himself not to rob or hurt somebody, my question to you would be this: Does a person that clearly had no criminal intent while bearing arms deserve two years of prison time?

  • Negrete McLeod, D-Chino, had abstained Monday during an unsuccessful 20-16 vote on the measure, AB 1934. But she backed the bill Tuesday and it passed with the minimum 21 votes necessary.

    Negrete McLeod said her vote reflected the advice of her husband, Gil, a retired Los Angeles police lieutenant.

  • California lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public.

    The Senate narrowly approved the measure Tuesday, the last day of the regular legislative session, on a 21-16 vote. But it failed in the Assembly.

  • Does allowing people to own or carry guns lead to more gun-related crimes and accidents? Liberal dogma allows only one answer to that question — and it's the wrong one, argues University of Maryland research scientist John Lott.
  • Defense spending is less than one-fifth of the federal budget. Even with the cost of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. military spending is near historic lows (as a percentage of GDP less, than what we averaged during the Cold War).

    The President would have better served Americans if he had told them the honest truth: Protecting our freedoms and ensuring that no power can humiliate America or kill our citizens in their beds requires both guns and butter.

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