New Ears: Moldex 6100 Model M1

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Awhile back I picked up this pair of Moldex Model M1 hearing protection at the Goodwill Thrift Store for $3.99. I had been using GB’s backup pair previously and they were too large and quite uncomfortable. Although I found that I could not hear people talking well while wearing them, I discovered that they weren’t very good at blocking firearm sounds. The Modex pair is like night and day compared to my old, borrowed pair.

  • They’re cute.
  • They’re adjustable.
  • They’re comfortable.
  • They fold up small to go in a side pocket on my range bag.
  • I can hear the range commands with them on.
  • I cannot hear the noise of neighboring guns and rifles on the line.

I could not find a single con to these ears. I found them online to learn more about their pricing and specs. They run from $20-30 depending on who you buy from, so look around for the best deals. Don’t forget to include shipping in consideration. I found some retailers with a higher price had free shipping and that came out to a lower total than other retailers whose prices were cheaper and whose shipping costs were higher.

I found specs for the Moldex 6100 M1 hearing protection on the Moldex website. This is what they have to say:

“Good looks and style.

Exclusive iridescent color and sleek, curvy shape for a look that workers will want to wear. The SoftCoat® covering on the cups and yoke helps to muffle transmitted noise.

Unique metal band design.

The M1 Premium Earmuff features a black-chrome, spring-steel headband that resists fatigue and is more durable. It maintains stability and doesn’t twist out of shape like other wire-band earmuffs. Six different adjustment points provide a custom and comfortable fit for most head sizes. The M1 folds into a super-compact size for easy storage.


  • 100% PVC-Free®.
  • NRR 29.
  • SoftCoat® covering helps muffle transmitted noise.
  • Exclusive iridescent color and curvy shape for great looks.
  • M1 Premium Earmuff folds for easy storage.
  • M1 has a black-chrome, spring-steel band that doesn’t twist out of shape like wire bands.”

    I’ve shot with them on in a variety of circumstances. First, I wore them out to an Appleseed shoot. I spent from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with these ears on, either with them on my ears while actively prepping or shooting my rifle or I had them squeezed on the top of my head over my hat so I could hear and listen to instruction. They were very comfortable, I didn’t get a headache behind my ears from wearing them on or up on my temples from resting them there during instruction periods. They didn’t get in my way as I did the turkey neck/cheek weld thing with my rifle. Each time I took them on and off, they adjusted right back to where they needed to be with no hassle. There were forty or so of us shoulder to shoulder on the line and I didn’t have any trouble hearing the range commands. At the same time, the noise from my fellow rifle shooters was non-existent. This was a big improvement over my last Appleseed shoot with borrowed ears where I couldn’t hear range commands and heard more firing-line noise.

    Then, I took them to a League of Lethal Ladies shoot night. There we all shot our defensive caliber handguns. Again, I could hear range commands and not gun noise. Awesome! But we also shot clay there with shotguns. The shotgun makes a lot more noise than my .22 rifle or our handguns did. Even still, I was comfortable with these ears, and I am a sensitive to noise person. All in all these ears are worth every penny, from $3.99 and even all the way up to $20-30.

    P.S. For the guys, I did find a pair online in cammo instead of iridescent purple.

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