Review: Cleavage Carry Holster by Discreet Carry

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Nearly a month ago now, I ordered a Cleavage Holster from Discreet Carry and received several other holsters from them. I’ve been wearing them in different situations with my Bersa Thunder .380 to see how they hold up and how they perform. Here’s my review of the Cleavage Holster:

Comfortability: Is this holster comfortable? Can I wear it day in and day out without any thoughts of “I can’t wait to get this thing off” or “Ow! It’s poking me.” Does it breathe?

The Cleavage Holster by Discreet carry is very comfortable. It is made of a soft fabric and is fashioned so that the Velcro straps which fasten the holster to your bra and your gun to your holster do not scratch any delicate skin. I had no trouble wearing it from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Additionally, I taught Sunday School in this holster and even chasing a bunch of 3 year old kids while moving and bending did not cause this holster to become uncomfortable. The holster did not change how well my bra fit and supported me. The holster did leave red marks against my skin after a long day of wear, but the marks were not uncomfortable and I wouldn’t have even known they were there if I hadn’t have seen them.

Flexibility: Can I wear what I want when I want or do I have to dress around my holster?

For the most part, I could wear this holster with every top I own, but I tend to wear tops with higher necklines than are fashionable. I do not show any cleavage on most days and on the days I do, I show just a hint, maybe at the most an inch of cleavage. Because my normal style of dress didn’t show much chest, the handle on my Bersa Thunder .380 nestled between the girls just fine and made no up through the cleavage and out the top peeks. I did find two shirts in my closet where this did happen and those tops are lower cut than I tend to wear. If you’re a modest dresser like I am, wearing this holster will not cause you to modify your wardrobe in anyway. I was very pleased with this. In other holsters I’ve tried, I have to get up earlier in the morning so I can try three or four different outfits on to make sure there is not printing or flashing and that I don’t look unnecessarily frumpy, plumper or bumpy.

If, on the other hand, you like to show off your cleavage, you’ll have to either adjust your wardrobe or take special care in some activities. Sitting and bending will be your biggest obstacle. As you sit, push down on the part where the holster rests on your upper abdomen to keep your tummy from pushing the gun upwards in the holster, letting the gun peek out. The gun does move a bit as you sit, but don’t worry, the retention strap on the holster will keep the gun from moving far. When you bend down, place a hand on your chest to keep your top against your skin.Another solution to wanting to show cleavage while using this holster is to carry a smaller gun. My Bersa is a chunky-monkey. I am sure if I had a little Kel-Tec in there, the peek-a-boo would not be a problem.

Concealability: How easy is it to discern I have a gun under my clothes? Does this holster make concealed carry easier or more difficult for me?

Cleavage Holsters conceal very, very well. I had absolutely no printing in most situations. Standing, sitting, moving, bending, shopping, chasing children, etc. No problems. The handle of the gun would sometimes poke up in my top if I sat down and slumped without pushing down on the bottom part of the holster first. This little bump is unnoticeable in my patterned tops and semi-noticeable in my darker colored tops. This is an area where men tend to look, so any printing in this area might be noticed quicker than any printing while carrying anywhere else on the body. Oh the other hand, a guy who notices probably won’t tell me, “excuse me ma’am, your breast looks a bit lumpy today.” This lapse in concealability can be corrected through developing a sitting technique, good posture or simply carrying a smaller gun.

Security: Is my gun retained in its holster securely until it is needed? Would it be easy for someone to disarm me if they discerned where I was carrying? Can I run, jump, climb, hike, etc. without my carry gun bouncing around or falling out?

I tend to shop till I drop on Saturdays with my mom. We go-go-go the whole day. Moving, bending, changing in and out of outfits, sitting on the floor trying on shoe after shoe. I also teach a very active class of three year old kids on Sundays. This weekend recipe calls for two days of running, jumping, bouncing, sitting, standing and more. When we sing the song “Do as I’m Doing” with the kids or “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes,” I can be required to move in interesting ways. During all of this my Bersa stayed tucked between the girls.The holster has its own retention system with its over the hammer of the gun Velcro strap, but the girls acted as a retention system as well by putting pressure on the holster and the gun.

I had GB try to disarm me in this holster. I laughed through the whole ordeal, didn’t even put up a fight and he couldn’t get my gun. Nice!

Practicality: Can I draw from this holster easily? Can I draw from this holster in a variety of outfits?

Cleavage carry requires a sacrifice in an emergency. You will have to flash someone and/or rip your top to get to your gun. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Stretching out the neckline on a top is the least of my worries if there comes a time when I am out carrying that I have to draw my firearm. In a button up top, I would grab the label with my non-shooting hand and yank down and out, ripping the buttons off of my blouse and then draw the gun.

If I’m wearing a top without buttons, I just grab at the neckline of the blouse with my non-dominant hand and yank it down like I really need more Mardi-Gras beads. Simultaneously, I’d draw with my shooting hand. This sounds complicated, but after a draw or two, you’ll see that it’s not. If I can do it wearing my usual two to three shirts, you can do it too and you’ll probably have on fewer layers than I tend to wear.

In Sum: I love this holster!!! Here’s a picture of me in the tightest top I own and it is skin tight on me. Even still, the holster conceals well. Can you even tell I’m wearing it?

Now, I hate ordering things sight unseen from catalogs and web pages, because they always work well and look great on the model only to bunch up or fit like a mu-mu on me. In the interest of making sure that doesn’t happen to you, here’s a bit about me and my gear so you can evaluate for yourself if what works well on me will work well on you. I was able to successfully conceal a Bersa Thunder .380 and a Walther P22. I’m 5’1″ tall and wear a size 16W. The bra I’m wearing in the above picture is a 42 DDD. But lest you think this holster only works on girls who can poke their own eye out with a nipple if they take off running, here are a couple of pictures of another model, courtesy of the folks over at Discreet Carry.

One word of warning: if you are allergy-sensitive, be careful when ordering holsters from Discreet Carry; they are not manufactured in a non-smoking environment. ;). I have asthma and this did not bother me, but I just wanted to let you know that you may need to wash it/air it out overnight before you wear it if you are more sensitive than I am to allergens.


  • keewee says:

    A very good review. Thank you.

  • julie says:

    interesting. thanks … shame we can’t carry here 🙁

  • Bryan S. says:

    Now, have you gotten a bluegun or snap caps and tried drawing and dry firing from multiple positions?

    Remember, you are not always going to have the ability to achieve a good stance when in a defense situation.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      The only practice I’ve done is empty chamber, mag out, drawing and mock-firing. I was shopping around for snap caps for my Walther P22 and I kept running into ones with bad reviews: broke easily, wouldn’t work in the mag, etc. Do you have any brands you recommend?

      Blue guns are those plastic things I see in holster demo-pictures, right?

      • snoopycomputer says:

        For 22 snap caps, couldn’t you use expended 22 casings? Just for a few times, hand load the casing to ensure the firing pin will hit an un-dented side of the rim?
        Or shouldn’t a P22 be OK for dry firing? What does the manual say?
        Don’t know that a Blue Gun is made for the P22:

        Thanks for the review, very informative. Great to hear from a local blogger too!

        • girlsloveguns says:

          The manual doesn’t talk about dry firing. I thought that dry firing was bad for my guns… Is that wrong? What’s the point of the blue gun? Why is it better than practicing drawing with an unloaded, safety-on, mag out, etc. handgun?

  • George says:

    I dated woman a few years back, who was 5’10”, and she found she could use a simple ‘belly band’, just below the girls, and draw and carry her Micro-Kimber .45 with no difficulty. Said it too, was comfortable.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      There’s a picture running around of a woman with her belly band up under her ribcage like that. The gun rests in the rain shadow of the girls and it conceals very well there in the pictures. I’ll probably try that at some point too. I don’t own a belly band, yet.

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