Davidson’s Gun Genie

What is it like to purchase a gun online through Gun Genie?

In an earlier post (http://girlsloveguns.posterous.com/ordering-on-gun-genie), I talked about the mechanics of ordering from Davidson using their Gun Genie program. Now I want to talk about the customer service and logistics of ordering through them. In short, if you have time and a good FFL to
receive the Gun Genie order from Davidson’s for you, it’s awesome.

I ordered my gun on May 12th at approximately 10:30 a.m. and I received a confirmation of purchase email almost immediately. By 3:30 p.m., I was notified that my gun was ready for shipping. At 6:40 p.m.,
I received a confirmation of shipping from Davidson’s. In nearly eight hours, Davidson’s had received, processed and shipped my order. That’s fast.

According to FedEx’s tracking feature, they were called to pick up the gun at 3:49 p.m. and they did so at 5:49 p.m.. By 6:31 p.m., it was in their warehouse. On the 13th of May, my gun traveled from Phoenix to
California and on the 14th the gun went from City of Industry to Reno. At 4:57 a.m. (wow, that’s early), FedEx loaded my gun onto their delivery truck which wouldn’t leave for its route until the next
business day, or May 17th. I knew my FFL receive the gun on the 17th only if he was available to sign for it when the delivery person arrived at his door and so I emailed him to let him know that my gun would be coming his way. He received the firearm late (about 4 p.m.) in the day on the 17th and contacted me immediately by phone. My FFL closes before I get off of work and while he can sometimes stay late, he had made a previous obligation and was not available to stay late for me on the 17th and so I had to wait until the 18th to get my gun.

Because of the delay over the weekend at FedEx and the delay in appointment times with my FFL, my gun took 6 days to travel from Davidson’s hands to mine, a distance of only 708 miles. But my gun came as-ordered with no problems or hiccups along the way and their communication was superb. I had an email update when I placed the order, when the order left the warehouse and then I had the ability to track the gun across the states using FedEx’s tracking feature.

I’ve read that others have had troubles with Davidson’s non-standardized quoting process and have arrived to pick up their guns only to have their FFL tack on extra fees. I recommend to users of the Gun Genie program that they should contact the quoting gun shops using the provided contact information on the quote to double-check what the quote does and does not cover. I also recommend that Gun Genie users make sure they trust the FFL they select to use through Gun Genie. I hadn’t used my FFL before and I took a risk in using him, but I did research him online and came across only positive feedback for him and he responded quickly and comprehensively to my emailed quote questions.

The only two issues with ordering through Gun Genie are the limitations of FedEx and the relationship you have with your FFL. All in all, I will order through Davidson’s using Gun Genie again and I encourage others to do so as well.

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