Can anyone ID this holster?

My mom was shopping at the Goodwill Thrift Store near my home. She called me up and invited me to go shopping with her. I razzed her that she called me after she was at the store because she wanted to get there first and get all of the good stuff. Mom said that she did see something she thought I’d like: a holster. I asked her what kind of holster and she said she didn’t know and I said throw it in the cart, I’ll check it out when I got there. This is what I saw when I arrived:

It does fit my carry gun, but it has no tags or identifying marks on it. Help a girl out! What is it? How do I wear it?


  • Firehand says:

    Looks like a type of shoulder rig. The way the straps are mounted, I’d guess you put your left arm and head through the loop and it hangs from your right shoulder, the bottom loop on the holster goes around the belt.

    Or, looking at it again, are the straps crossed about the mid-point? If so, then you’d put your left arm through the loop above the holster, your right arm through the other with the ‘X’ in back. Either adjust the size to hold the holster in place comfortably, or- if that’s another loop on the far end- that would hook to the belt on the right side.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Left arm through the loop! That’s what I was doing wrong. LOL. I’ll try it on again tonight now that I have detailed instructions (thank you!) and we’ll see what happens.

  • Drang says:

    Shoulder holster for a right-handed person.
    Looks like an el-cheapo nylon job, probably foreign made. (And the one I bought in Korea serves certain purposes quite well, thank you.)
    Left arm and head go through the strap(s) at top; if long enough, the right arm also goes through it. This would supposedly enhance stability, if not comfort… 😉
    The strap at bottom–elastic? really??–attaches to the belt, somehow. (Left out of photo.)
    Shoulder holster went out of style for general-use concealed carry years ago–LEOs rarely use them, for example–but, as they say, if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid…

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Darn those righties! I need left-handed holsters. Sigh. Oh well.

      The strap is elastic and it’s a simple loop. I guess I’d thread the belt through it. I’ll try it on when I get home tonight and see what happens with it.

  • ron sims says:

    It looks like a cheap nylon shoulder rig, as was previously stated. A few points of interest:
    1. A couple of instructors I know do NOT allow them in their classes and strongly reccomend against them. Their reasoning is, from a range standpoint, the draw requires pointing your muzzle in unsafe directions, to include one’s own femoral artery.

    2. I use mine for long drives or any time I may be seated for a long period of time. One needs to plan ahead when wearing a shoulder rig concealed, as I learned driving a limo and ending up in a strip club wearing a leather jacket. Apparently, they keep the heat turned up in those places.
    3. Massad Ayoob reccomends it as a method for those who cant carry at the waist for back pain reasons and also when traveling. A shoulder rig, with gun, reload and a flashlight kept by the bed allows one to roll out of bed in an emergency with it, even butt nekkid.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I have psoriatic arthritis so there are times when carrying has made my back and hip hurt more than they usually do simply from the weight of the gun and from it being distributed unevenly. I’ve taken to bra carry using a Discreet Carry holster. That distributes the weight of the gun across the rib cage and on both shoulders. It works well for me. This apparent shoulder ring gives me more options though!

      I’ll try to put it on when I get off of work and we’ll see how that goes. I love your emergency idea! Thanks for sharing that.

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