Gun Blogger Rendezvous: Cabela’s Guided Tour

After the morning breakfast, we all had some free time to ourselves. I went home and, of course, blogged. Keewee and Mr. Completely stayed at the Silver Legacy. Keewee got in some exercise while Mr. Completely napped. Lucky guy. I’m exhausted and could sure use one of those! Poor Dan of GunUp had to go get some work done while we all enjoyed our free early afternoon time. Once the break was over, we all studied our agenda to see what was next:

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Agenda: Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Cabela’s! Sweet! We all then gathered at the Silver Legacy’s Silver Baron Room B to arrange our carpool to the Verdi Cabela’s store.

The gathering was much more impressive this afternoon than it was this morning; there were more than four of us! We took three cars to the Cabela’s tour, so as you can extrapolate from that, there weren’t too many of us. And yet, I can’t remember everyone’s names! Bad, GG!

I do recall meeting Keewee, Mr. Completely and Dan of GunUp, obviously. Beyond that, I remember The Packing Rat, Anthroblogolgy, The Smallest Minority, Frederic Russel Mance, Jr. (I didn’t catch his blog name, but I have his professional business card) and Joe’s Crabby Shack. The Packing Rat brought with him some sexy looking camera. While I was taking pics on my iPhone, he had the real deal. Anthroblogology and Mr. Completely all had cameras too. Looks like I missed the camera memo. Oh well.

It was fun hanging out with Joe’s Crabby Shack. His blog is inactive due to his new work endeavors, but he helped me a lot in Cabela’s Gun Library, so even if he is “out of print,” he’s still an awesome resource. There were so many firearms in the Gun Library. Big ones. Small ones. Black, gold, silver, wooden ones. I didn’t know what they all did or what I should be looking at, but Joe’s Crabby Shack helped clarify things for me. Thanks.

I bailed on the group early to run off to my college classes tonight, but I’ll meet back up with them at dinner. As I was leaving Cabela’s I passed The Packing Rat pushing an empty Cabela’s cart. He had a mischievous grin on his face. I wonder when we meet up again at dinner what lovely purchases he’ll have to brag about. Cabela’s gave us all coupons so I’m sure he’ll have some fantastic deals to brag about. 🙂

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