Gun Bloggers Rendezvous: CCW Thoughts

At the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous, my mind was on guns the entire time, obviously. I shopped for firearms at Cabela’s on our guided tour. They have a couple of cases of used handguns and I found the cutest little Kel-Tec with laser for $299. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was how nicely it would carry and conceal in one of my Discreet Carry holsters. In either the Cleavage Holster or the LadyBUG holster the Kel-Tec would sit really easily and comfortably. I can carry GB’s Bersa in those two holsters as well, but the handgun in general is considerably larger and the Bersa’s handle is a chunky-monkey. Cabela’s set off daydreams of Kel-Tecs which escalated at the range.

The Smallest Minority let me shoot his little Kel-Tec. He keeps it in a pocket holster that once tucked in the pocket of his jeans looks like nothing at all, or gives a faint line appearing like a wallet would print. But again, looking at it and holding it, I think I already have the perfect holster for it. To double check, I went out to my car and grabbed one of the Discreet Carry holsters. It fit like a dream!

Unfortunately, the Kel-Tec didn’t quite fit my hands and shoot like a dream. I felt like I’d need a mag with a pinky finger rest to help me better grip the handle of the Kel-Tec. I didn’t feel I had a secure hold on it using only my first and second fingers. The gun also recoiled more than my Bersa. Not too much that it hurt, not too much that I’d drop it or anything, but it jumped around enough that I wondered about my accuracy. Although, the Cabela’s model had lasers on it so in a self-defense situation I could follow the laser with my eye to see how the recoil is affecting my aim.

I shot a .45 caliber handgun and revolver at the same time I shot the little Kel-Tec. These firearms shot more smoothly. No kicking or snapping. It’d be easier to be more accurate of a shot with a gun that didn’t move between shots and the larger caliber is a defensive advantage as well. Disadvantage: how to carry a larger caliber carry gun comfortably.

In a Cleavage Holster or a LadyBUG type holster, the Bersa is as big as I dare to go. In waist band and out of waist band carry with the Bersa have been uncomfortable and not very concealable for me so far. Having a larger caliber handgun would only increase that problem. Hmm. What to conceal carry? Big, accurate, stopping power hard and uncomfortable to conceal or smaller, less accurate, less stopping power easy and comfortable to conceal.

I’m going to stick with my Bersa for now, due to financial constraints. But in the future, I think I’ll go smaller. A Kel-Tec or similar sized gun has its drawbacks, but I’ll be more likely to carry the smaller caliber handgun than the larger one and the big gun I leave at home won’t be any help to me in an emergency.


  • Kevin Baker says:

    Just remember, GG, that Kel-Tec was a P9F chambered in 9mm, not .380 like your Bersa. They make a pistol about the same size, maybe a bit smaller in .380 that won’t kick as hard.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Oh, thanks Kevin! I remember hearing you tell me it was a 9, but I didn’t make that connection in my brain that it is a larger caliber than my Bersa. The kick didn’t hurt, but it did move the gun around and I don’t know how my accuracy would be. I suppose practice would help to reduce any recoil has on the accuracy of my shot no matter which caliber Kel-Tec I decide on getting (ya know, when I win the lottery).

  • Aaron Spuler says:

    I carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 (9mm) in a pocket and it works great for me. It’s true that that gun is really pushing the limits in terms of weight vs caliber, but if you do practice with it you can get very accurate with the gun.

    BTW, I also have Bersa Thunder 380 and have carried that as well.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I love my Bersa. Mine has a little nubby pointy thing on the back of the gun near the hammer. Does yours have that? It pokes me sometimes when I carry it. I want to get a Bersa Thunder 9 PRO for my carry gun. Fewer poky places, more friendly lefty controls. I’m saving up to buy a car now, but someday I’ll buy the Kel-Tec 380 for my BUG and a Bersa 9 for my main carry gun.

  • Sevesteen says:

    I own a Keltec P3AT, their .380. I’ve shot a PF9. At lest for my big hands, the P3AT is much worse to shoot–the smaller frame makes more difference than the smaller ammo.

    I would also suggest you try different waistband holsters–not all are created equal, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else. I’m making my own holsters now, and one of the first few I made has become my daily wear holster. Previous commercial holsters would be fine for a few days, but eventually my back would complain if I wore my XD for a week or so in a row. I’m now wearing my XD longer per day, every day and my back is fine.

    Your comments about bits poking is why I prefer holsters with a reasonably flat, reasonably thick leather back–spreads the weight around more evenly, and keeps bits of the gun from poking.

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