Gun Blogger Rendezvous: Major Announcement (GunUp)

After the time at the range on Friday, I drove straight home and dumped off my range bag and the Walther and Marlin. I raced upstairs to wash my face, brush my hair and change my shirt. Due to all of the frying brass, my Appleseed t-shirt had acquired two found black marks on it from the Kris and I didn’t want to look like a rag-a-muffin for the “Major Announcement.”

I had a feeling I knew what the Major Announcement was going to be due to my breakfast the day before with Dan Hall of GunUp and when I arrived back in the Silver Legacy Hospitality Room after my quick costume change, my suspicions proved true. Dan was there along with a projector. He gave a short presentation, only about six slides, about a website he is starting up. GunUp will be an online community for gun enthusiasts as well as an authoritive presence on the web for firearm reviews and pricing.

People will be able to register on GunUp and have a profile there. The profile will come with features that are opt-in. Many websites set you up with everything opted-in already and you have to navigate to an obscure page to preserve your privacy. But GunUp promises they’ll be different. One of the opt-in features is a real-time pricing system for your firearms collectiion. Users will have a gun locker to which they can add their firearms. GunUp will automatically calculate the pricings for each item in your gun lockers.

As registered users participate on the site, they will earn badges like people on FourSquare earn badges. These badges will allow community members to evaluate the credibility of the reviews and content posted on the site by other users. A GunUp emoployee will be identified through his badges, firearms manufacturer representatives will be appropriately badged, power users will have badges in their areas of expertise etc. I hope GunUp will make a Gun Blogger Rendezvous badge!

The site will feature forums as well as static content such as product pages. The product pages will all be searchable using Gun Finder. Gun Finder allows you to explore the offerings of the firearm manufacturing world in an easy way. You can type search words into a search box and view results the old fashioned way. Or you can literally fly the firearms around on your computer screen as you toggle on and off various sorting settings on the left hand side of the Gun Finder screen. The firearms will group themselves before your eyes like Nintendo Wii Miis do. Push the button and they will line up by size, barrel length, weight, even color!

The full awesomeness of the site has not yet been revealed. Our presentation was short and only focused on phase one. Who knows what other phases the creators of GunUp have in mind? A solid release date was not announced, but Dan assured us that the wait for this new site should only be about 2 weeks. I can’t wait! I really wish Dan would have given us the URL of the private test-site so that I could explore it early.

In the mean time, friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter so that way you’ll find out first when they release. Additionally, you may become one of the lucky people who are winning their Facebook and Twitter prizes giveaways.


  • Dan Hall says:

    Thanks for the great write up for our announcement. We are excited about the launch of Phase I of GunUp as well! I will send you over the beta link this week, we would love your feedback.

    Dan Hall
    Founder / CEO,

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Hey Dan,

      You’re welcome for the writeup… now make GunUp completely awesome so that my writeup isn’t just hype okay? 😉

      Squee! I’m really looking forward to the Beta link. Send it soon so I don’t die of curiosity.


  • DirtCrashr says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, or even close – in fact I think I’ll just copy a bit and link to you! Gun-up!

  • Dan Hall says:

    I sent your blog post to my dev team so they know how excited people are. No pressure!

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I am very excited! I like that you put up an announcement list for people to register to get a message when the site is up and running. Any word on the Beta link?

  • Dan Hall says:

    DM send with GunFinder Link and request for email address so I show you the GunUp Blogger Badge. You can be the first official GunUp Blogger if you are interested!

    Dan Hall

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