Gun Blogger Rendezvous: Saturday, September 11th

Saturday is another full day here at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. First, breakfast: bacon, eggs and hash browns. The same thing I’ve had for breakfast every day since the conference started. That’s okay though because it’s delicious and it’s filling enough to get me through all the way until dinner. Again Saturday, like Friday, we will shoot through lunch. Okay, now that bacon and eggs have been consumed in appropriate quantities, let’s check out the agenda. It says:

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

  • 8 a.m. Leave the Silver Legacy “Silver Baron B” Hospitality Room for one of the restaurants for breakfast (We ate at the Americana again today. The service was very slow!).
  • 8:45 a.m. Leave the Silver Legacy Hospitality room to car pool up and head out to the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility for an introduction to Steel Challenge Action Pistol shooting.
  • 9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. At the range.
  • 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. Bill Brassard of the National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • 6:00 pm. NSSF all you can eat pizza feed at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. After dinner will be the fund raiser raffle for Project Valour-IT and the drawings for the door prizes.
  • Saturday Evening until Midnight: Refreshments and conversation at the Silver Legacy Hospitality room. Bring your own refreshments and munchies.

At this point, I start to get nervous. Shoot steel? I’ve never done that before let alone in front of all of these gun nut professionals with their super souped up target pistols. Crap! haha.

Pictures of the steel shooting adventure:

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It turns out that I did pretty well at this challenge. I hit a lot of targets, more than I thought I would. People kept commenting that I was hitting things well for my gun. It was exciting to hear the ping, ping, ping and see the white paint dinged up after each round struck it. After we shot the three stages of various configurations, we shot our handguns as quickly as we could into a round steel target for five rounds. I hit the target and pretty quickly too! It was super-fun. During the day as I learned to shoot steel, Molly Smith of The Molly Minute was a great help to me. She was patient and gave me good advice to help me shoot well. Her cheerfulness and welcoming attitude helped me not to feel so nervous about trying a new sport.

I especially enjoyed hanging out with the guys of CS Tactical. Mike was a good teacher to Mason and Mason learned very quickly. Both were excellent shots, fun to be around and had super-cool holsters. Mike is ambidextrous and tends to shoot handguns left-handed, so he had these drop-leg lefty holsters for he and Mason to wear. Too cool.

Afterward, I tried The Smallest Majority’s revolver with bear load cartridges in it. It stung my skin of the web in between the forefinger and the thumb, but it didn’t hurt. The Packing Rat also shot it as did several other people. It was fun!

Then, we helped Allan the Leupold guy shoot off some ammo through his target pistol which was, of course, fitted with a Leupold sighting system.

While we were wrapping up our steel challenge, I faced another challenge: using a portable toilet with a holstered firearm belted to my hip. When I conceal carry, I carry in a Cleavage Holster by Discreet Carry. Going to the bathroom then is a no-brainer because my holstered firearm is no where near the zones in motion on a bathroom run. When I open carry, I use the same Uncle Mike’s holster I was wearing at the steel challenge, except that I open carry in a skirt. See my open carry skirt post for further details.

Because of my usual habits, I had not practiced using a restroom while armed in such a way that I would be maneuvering the holstered firearm on my belt to use the bathroom without dropping it on the floor, or worse: into the toilet. As I was doing the potty dance and struggling to figure this out, I could only think of one thing: my new Gun Blogger Rendezvous friends knew this was going to be difficult and yet they didn’t warn me. The bastards! It took considerably longer to take care of business than it usually does for me, but I and my beloved Walther emerged from the restroom no worse the wear. Whew!


  • Drang says:

    Well, if you’d asked…

    What most guys do is to draw the pistol, drop trou, and set the gun in the crotch of the britches. I’ve found, however, that the Wrangler Riggs jeans I was wearing this weekend have commodious enough pockets that even my 1911 will rest there while taking care of business. (Not necessarily an option for you, I realize.)

    • girlsloveguns says:

      Drang, I didn’t even think to ask. Looking back, I totally should have asked and benefited from the experiences of everyone there. I tried to do the bikini hammock thing that I read about online where one leaves the firearm holstered and flips the holster around the pant to rest inside of the underwear. That would have worked had I had a retention system on this holster, but since I don’t, the Walther just slid around.

      I wanted to keep my firearm holstered and not drawn because I’ve red online how people in public restrooms have been peeked at through the stall cracks or under the stall doors by fellow bathroom patrons checking to see if the stall was empty.

      Ultimately, I ended up removing the holstered Walther from my belt and clenching the holster in my teeth while I did my thing. My Walther is light enough I can pull that off without hurting my teeth. haha. I need more practice at this!!

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