Gun Cleaning

I’ve cleaned guns twice now and both times I’ve pestered GB nearly non-stop: “What’s next? What do I do now? Is it clean yet?” This second time, I wrote down what we did so I would be able to answer my own questions when I cleaned guns next and so I could clean guns without GB. Here’s what I wrote:

1. Take apart
2. Hoppe’s and patches with rod 2-3 times.
3. Boresnake (mine is the mostly green one) 2.
4. Dry patch with rod 2 times.
5. Run oily patch with rod each one until light grey.Run new oily patches until they come out mostly clean.
6. Brush dipped in Hoppe’s for everything– outside of barrel, behind barrel, rails, etc. 
7. Brush with Hoppe’s to the top of the gun that you took off in Step 1.
8. Dry patch (larger size) over everything just brushed until they come away mostly clean.
9. Brush and patch rag spring and rod.
10. Lightly apply oil to rod and spring and every place where metal touches metal, i.e. slide, etc. 
11. Reassemble or let dry. If assemble, then wipe with cloth to remove excess oil and work slide 5-7 times, wipe excess oil. Repeat till hardly any oil comes out.

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