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In Nevada, open carry is legal. I’ve been open carrying a lot lately, but I’ve run into one obstacle. My tops don’t stop at my waist where my gun is mounted on my hip, they’re more than a few inches longer than that. Tucked in tops do not look good on me. Oh my no they don’t. But proping up and tucking a long top all around a gun isn’t a very secure way of doing things in the windy Nevada desert. If that top blows down over my gun, then I can get into big trouble!
But what’a girl to do?
Wear these awesome things called Hem Pins. I picked up one at the local thrift store. Mine is gold and silver, it can go with any outfit and any jewelery. It’s like a giant safety pin, but the pin part is very, very dull so as not to damage the shirt you wear it with.
Here’s the verbage from the little card they come pinned on:
“Hem Pins
Mary Lynn Designs
Hem Pins are a gorgeous way to gather any hem or sleeve, producing a beautiful fathered effect. Easy to use and will not damage the material as there is no piercing of the fabric.
To use:
1. Simply gather any hem or sleeve and slide the Hem Pin up the material with the decorative side facing up. Insert the round end of the Hem Pin beneath the fabric, and then put the head under the fabric interlocking with the round end.
That’s all there is to it. You should now have a beautiful gathered effect, giving a whole new and exciting look to your items of clothing.
For more information on ordering more Hem Pins, please call me or write to:
Mary Lynn Designs
13682 East 44th Street
Yuma, AZ 85367
(520) 345-1581

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