Gun Blogger Rendezvous: September 12th, 2010

I almost didn’t attend the Gun Blogger Rendezvous on Sunday. I’m Mormon. To attend the Rendezvous would require me to shop on Sunday by patronizing the breakfast restaurant and the range and Mormons try really hard not to shop on Sunday but to instead spend it at church and with family and friends. Additionally, I would miss partaking of the Sacrament, which is important to me spiritually and I would be ditching my class of 3 year old Sunday students whom I teach each week.

I talked it out with CS Tactical and he encouraged me to attend, then I went home and talked it out with GB who encouraged me to attend as well. I rarely miss church and this is a once-in-a-year event. It would be my first time to shoot Cowboy Fast Draw. I ended up talking myself into going and I’m glad I did!

We ate at the breakfast buffet, which was delicious! I’ve never consumed a Sunday brunch breakfast buffet before on account of being Mormon. It was cool. They had breakfast, lunch, dessert– anything and everything. We took up one big table and two smaller tables and we brought to the tables a wide variety of eats. I ended up with eggs, bacon and hash browns again. I downed 2 glasses of the yummiest chocolate milk! Then, I had chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup for breakfast dessert. I wasn’t aware that dessert was an acceptable course for breakfast, but according to the buffet folks, it is and I wasn’t going to argue with that deliciousness!

I checked my watch because for the past several days we’ve been late getting out of breakfast according to our agenda. This time, we were nearly on time.

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

  • 8:30 a.m. Leave the Silver Legacy “Silver Baron B” Hospitality room for one of the restaurants for breakfast.
  • 9:15 a.m. Leave for the Cowboy Fast Draw Blogger Match.
  • 10 a.m.- noon Cowboy Fast Draw Shooting.

It was 9:36 a.m. Time to go! Again, I was nervous learning a new skill in front of professionals, but my positive experiences with The Smallest Minority, D.W., Allan, the CS Tactical guys, The Molly Minute, etc. the day before learning steel helped me to have the confidence to try to learn Cowboy Fast Draw.

The Cowboy Fast Draw range is a shed outside of the clay range. A couple of cowboys armed with multiple belts, revolvers and holsters met us there at the shed and gave us a quick history of fast draw and the basics of fast draw. Then, we got started. I missed the target on my first shot in the first round, but I nailed every shot after that in good enough time that I beat my opponent Aunt Bea. I lost in my second round to True Blue Sam and in my third round to CS Tactical.

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Here are the results (compliments of Mr. Completely):

  1. CST – CS Tactical Blog
  2. Millisecond Molly – The Molly Minute
  3. Derek – The Packing Rat
  4. David Whitewolf – Random Nuclear Strikes
  5. US Citizen – Traction Control
  6. True Blue Sam – True Blue Sam The Travelin’ Man
  7. Mr. Completely – Mr. Completely
  8. Death Wish – The Clue Meter
  9. KeeWee Belle – KeeWee’s Corner
  10. GG – Girls <3 Guns
  11. Kevin Baker – The Smallest Minority
  12. Connie – Random Nuclear strikes
  13. MASE – CS Tactical
  14. Tootsie – True Blue Sam The Travelin’ Man

I’m very happy with where I ended up. I expected as a newbie to be dead last. 10th is not bad! Yay! After the shooting, I raced back home. Threw off my range clothes, cleaned up my hands and face and threw on church clothes. I grabbed my Primary bag and made it to church just in time to teach my Sunday School class. Whew! I still missed Sacrament, but at least I didn’t ditch Sunday School. 🙂


  • Drang says:

    I was told that Sunday range activities are allowable for LDS because they educational. Just sayin’…

    • girlsloveguns says:

      LOL! I love your reasoning. Although with how many people I talked to last Sunday about getting involved in shooting, 6 total non-shooters, I think that we should have a church range trip.

      • Drang says:

        The context of that reasoning, BTW, was a Boy Scouts Rifle Merit Badge weekend, in which there was some concern about pushing the LDS Troop through on Saturday. We were told that permissions could be granted for educational purposes for LDS Scouts to miss some of the traditional Sunday activities.

  • DirtCrashr says:

    IMO buying prepared food is a necessity, it’s not exactly shopping which is optional. Besides which, you can say Grace over it. 🙂

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