Bad Experience at Big 5

On Saturday after GB got off of work, we went out on the town in search of my Appleseed gun. We found it at Big 5 Sporting Goods on South Virginia near South Virginia and Kietzke in Reno, Nevada. It was a Mosin Nagant 91/30. The gun had a hex receiver and a Tula factory stamp. The background checking office closed at 6 p.m., so I filled out the paperwork and paid for the gun. Duane, the Big 5 employee helping us with our purchase assured us he would run the background check on Sunday and we could pick up the gun on Monday after work. He took down my name and cell phone number on a sheet of paper, taped the
gun back up in its cardboard box and affixed that piece of paper to the box.

You see where this is going, right?

We arrived Monday after work to pick up the gun only to find that earlier in the day they sold my gun to someone else. Matthew, the Big 5 employee bearing the bad news, found us another Mosin with a Tula
stamp, but this one did not have the hex receiver. We ended up bringing that gun home instead of the one I originally purchased. Matthew said that Duane did not follow procedure and that the cashier who checked us out didn’t either. She kept all three copies of the paperwork and she should have given one copy to Duane to put on the gun.

But Matthew wasn’t all that stellar with his customer service either. I walked in to the store and said “I am here to pick up my gun which I paid for on Saturday.” See all of those “my”s and “I”s there? When he
got out the replacement gun, he handed it straight to my boyfriend. That rubbed me the wrong way.

Then, when I asked for a flashlight to check the rifling on the gun, he said he didn’t have one. Duane pulled one out from behind the counter Matthew was then standing at and Duane didn’t have to be asked.Matthew wouldn’t even look down to see if the flashlight was still there. Or check the first aid kit for one. Or get one off of the floor. He just stood there saying no we don’t have a flashlight, when they had one just two days earlier.

I was upset they sold my gun to someone else after assuring me on Saturday that they would not. And then to add insult to that injury, my gun was handed to another person instead of to me and I was not given a flashlight to check the rifling on the gun.

Bad customer service, Big 5.

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