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Friday after work, GB and I went to Sportsman’s Warehouse on the corner of South Virginia and Moana in Reno. I was looking for an open carry holster for my Walther P22. I have been using a right-handed brown leather holster that wasn’t made for my gun and I wanted a black left or ambi hoster with a more secure fit. I had purchased a black ambi holster weeks previous at Scheel’s whose package said it would work for my gun and which the salesperson recommended for my gun and it didn’t fit. This time, I wanted to bring my gun with me to avoid that hassle.

At Sportsman’s Warehouse they have some procedures for you to follow when you want to bring your gun into the store. They require you to bring in your firearm in a case. No ammo allowed. When you enter the store with your cased firearm, you have to check in at customer service before shopping. They have you eject the magazine, stick the barrel into a tube and rack the slide. The customer service manager checks to see the chamber is empty. Then he fills out a form about your gun and tags it. When you leave again, you have to check out with him too.

After the check-in, I commenced sticking my gun into many, many different holsters. I found two that fit. One expensive, but downright sexy leather one and one Uncle Mike’s cloth one. The Uncle Mike’s holster had different belt loop holes so I could cant the gun and it doubles as a concealed carry holster. I went with the Uncle Mike’s holster and I LOVE it!

After Sportsman’s we went to the record store in the same shopping plaza as Sportsman’s, grabbed a bite to eat and did our grocery shopping. The holster was very comfortable and secure, no wobbling or issues with all of the stand up, sit down and in and out of the truck I was doing. It’s so lovely to have a holster that not only doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as the brown one did but that also fits properly.

It has a nifty snap and I have been practicing opening the strap and drawing. It works well. : )

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