Appleseed is coming to town!

The Appleseed Project, a group which holds events around the U.S. to teach people how to shoot like a rifleman, is coming to Gardnerville, a town not far from me. They’re holding a three-day event and it’s FREE for female shooters, so I registered. Here’s a link to their website if you’re interested:

Now all I need is something to shoot while I am there! 

They recommend a 10/22 for the first day and something that shoots longer distances for the second day. I’ve been looking around for .22’s. Safe Shot Indoor Range has a pink Ruger 10/22 for sale. Cute! And Scheel’s had a Savage 10/22 with scope and zippered padded bag for about the same price as the pink Ruger. Walmart is sold out of Ruger 10/22s, but has a Mossberg Plinkster for sale. The Plinkster gets great reviews online and is uber-cheap, only $107. Buying that would leave me some money left over for ammo!

I’m a bit nervous about going. I haven’t had any formal shooting instruction. I’ve just been mooching guns, ammo and lessons off of my boyfriend, GB. I’ve only been to the range four times and only two of those times have I shot a gun that actually belonged to me ( I told you I was a mooch!)


  • AppleseedRadio says:

    Hey Gun Girl,I am a Master Instructor with the Appleseed Project and I am also hosting a radio show for the Appleseed Program, which is why I have an account here on twitter in the first place 🙂 If there is anything I can do to help you with getting ready for the event or any info I can give you just sing out. Thanks-Scout

  • Gun Girl says:

    Hey Scout– Thank you for reading and thank you for you comment. I also appreciate your willingness to help a newbie into the Appleseed fold. What was your first Appleseed like? What had you wished you had known before you went to your first Appleseed?Thanks again!GG

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