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The developer of the Gun Spot iPhone App attended the Gun Blogger Rendezvous this year. He eagerly showed off the app on his phone to all of us bloggers. When I saw him demoing this app, I knew I wanted it. I’m new to the gun buying world; I only know of the local gun shops who show up on the first page of Google searches or who are on busy streets and have big signs. When he demonstrated what his app could do in the Silver Legacy Silver Baron Hospitality Ballroom and it brought up TONS of shops local to that GPS location, I knew I was missing out on Reno gun shops and that this app would expand my gun-buying horizons.

On Tuesday though, I got to use it in situ. I noticed I had a missed call on my phone. I believed it was from Weaver Arms and that it was the good news that my Bersa Thunder 9mm UC had arrived one day ahead of schedule! I called him back to confirm my suspicions and he agreed to stay open late for me if I left work right away to pick up the firearm. I did so, but I wasn’t quite sure where I was going.
I had previously purchased from Weaver and had located his hard-to-find office before, but that was awhile ago and I have a terrible memory. I could Google him and find directions that way, or call him back and admit I had no clue where I was going… OR.. I could use my brand new Gun Spot iPhone App!

I was able to navigate this app while driving with no difficulty. I used the search feature and located Weaver. I added him to my favorites to make life easier on me for the next go-around and I used the map feature to figure out where I was going. The app integrates with the Maps app on my iPhone so seamlessly; I was able to transition out of the Gun Spot map and into the directions area of the Maps app without committing any traffic violations!

I arrived at Weaver Arms in record time. He commented “Wow, she’s fast.” Thanks Gun Spot App 🙂

Here’s a YouTube video highlighting SOME of what Gun Spot can do. Since then, the app has been updated and does even more awesome stuff:

For more information, check out their website or see their Registered Developer page on iTunes.


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