Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

GB’s dog, GP, has been living with me since they moved in almost a year ago now. I’ve heard her bark when we’ve taken her to the park and another dog was nearby. I’ve heard her growl when we play the “my toy” game. But until this morning, I’ve never seen her bark and growl in a frightening manner.

I was upstairs doing my thing as the shower water warmed up when I heard a great commotion downstairs. GP was barking and growling and bashing up against the door and the window by the door. She was loud and forceful and my heart just started going in super-quick motion.

I came tearing out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but my delicates, and high-tailed it into GB’s room. It was closer than my room. I grabbed his Springfield XD and its mag. I went carefully down the stairs while jamming the mag into the XD and getting it ready should I be about to face an intruder.

I arrived in the living room to find GP terrifying a man who was underneath our front window wearing a hood over his head. He had a white trash bag in his hand, which he dropped under the window as he retreated to his truck.

His FedEx truck.

Ay, ay ay.

False alarm, praise God.

He was wearing a jacket because it was cold and looked about ready to storm. We had received two boxes, which he had thought to wrap up in a waterproof trash bag before placing them out of sight of the street and under the overhang below our front window.

I safed the XD and retrieved my robe before venturing out on the porch to retrieve our packages. All the while I’m thinking… “Did I handle this surprise intruder drill okay? If it hadn’t have been a mock exercise, was I prepared? Does our around-the-house gun-placement strategy work? Or do we need to move some firearms to place them in better positions if and when a real emergency happens?”

What a day to get all of this adrenaline pumping! I’m home, sick as a dog. I think I just used up all of my energy protecting myself from the FedEx guy.


  • DirtCrashr says:

    FedEx guys can be as creepy as clowns. One who came by here once, I thought must have been hitting the bottle.

  • snoopycomputer says:

    Would you have rather been caught downstairs in your delicates and it NOT have been the FedEx guy?
    Good practice.
    Good conditioning, for when it isn’t friendly neighborhood FedEx guy.
    One lesson I have learned from my dogs is to pay attention to them when they’re acting funny like that.
    And with the weather as crazy as its been the last few days, it very well could have been someone who decided that he deserved your house more than you do. Like you said- Praise God it was a “false alarm” (or perhaps “low level alarm” is more accurate) and score points on readiness, even though the dress code was more “cool” than “tacti-cool”.

  • keewee says:

    I can tell an intruder would be making a huge mistake coming into your home. If GP did not scare or tear the pants off him/her then looking into the business end of a gun, being held by you, should make them consider what a stupid idea they had breaking into your home.
    I am so glad you were alert to the sound of GP’s frantic barking, and that there are firearms placed in your home in readiness for such an event.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I don’t want an intruder to come into the house, and if he’s smart, he’ll realize he doesn’t want to come into the house either! We are prepared, just in case someone does decide to make a stupid decision. Living as close to downtown Reno as we do, we have to be careful because the wackos sometimes stray off of South Virginia and up into the neighborhoods.

  • James says:

    If the gun doesn’t scare them off, try sending GB downstairs in his tighty whities and a cape, or perhaps the dress you had. Either way should be pretty frightening.

    I will comment that this is why I like to leave a handgun as well as a long gun next to my bed when I am home. When I leave, the long gun goes back in the safe, and the handgun stays with me.

    I do believe said canine deserves a tummy rub and a treat for being so alert.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      I keep my Bersa in by my bed, but I was in GB’s room using his bigger shower while he was at work (hahaha), so I was closer to his Springfield than my Bersa.

      The home defense shotgun is up there too, but I’m not sure how to use it. I think it’s shove the shell in there, wiggle the thing, safety off, point and shoot, but I just grabbed the gun I’m more comfortable with.

      • James says:

        Well, just remember, the shotgun’s just like a claymore. Front towards enemy.
        Speaking of, if y’all had bought some claymores then this whole thing wouldn’t have happened. Should’ve taken my advice.

        By the way, I’ve noticed that I do not get an email notification when there are replies to my comments. Whatup widdat?

  • James says:

    and by dress, I mean delicates.

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