Holster Heaven

Pepper over at Discreet Carry has been reading my blog entries about their holsters. When she saw that I was using a makeshift support strap with the LadyBUG holster to carry a larger than the traditional Back Up Gun gun, she offered to send me another holster. It feels like Christmas. The holster she sent me is a holster that was originally made for men to carry with, but if it works for me, then why not? It’s called a Discreet Carry Model DCH-1 holster. This holster wraps around the carrier’s body just under his nipples or her breasts. It secures to the body with two Velcro straps. The holsters can be designed either right or left handed. Included with the holster is an optional support strap for heavier guns. I am excited Discreet Carry is so generous and customer service oriented that Pepper has taken the initiative to send me another holster that may work even better for me. As a newbie to the concealed carry world, I need all of the help I can get choosing good holsters and belts.

So far, I’ve tried and reviewed an Uncle Mike’s holster (very primitive review, I was new at blogging when this was written), a Discreet Carry Cleavage Holster and a Discreet Carry LadyBUG holster. I can’t wait to get started with the DCH-1 Holster!

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