Tactical Pants for Women

Not too long ago, a woman named Jeanette sent me a link to a web page called TacticalPants, which (as its name implies) is a shopping site for men and women to order tactical pants by various makers. The site had a bit of a focus on women though, which included an initiative to try out different women’s tactical pants to see if they were really good for actual women. The staff of the site all reviewed every pair of pants they stock and posted their results online for us to read. Their results are here. I put the link to the site up on my blog because I thought it was cool that women were out there helping other women find and purchase good gear. At that time, I put the TacticalPants link out there just as a resource and not as a recommendation, because I hadn’t yet myself had any experience with the site or the items they were selling.

Jeanette is changing that. She emailed me with an offer to select a pair of tactical pants for women from their site. In exchange, I’ll be reviewing the pants here on my blog. Of course, I’ll review my experiences with Jeanette and Tactical Pants as well. I’ve never before owned a pair of tactical pants and I’m really excited to try one out. I’ve seen them on men and have found them attractive on them, but I hadn’t before considered that women could find a good fit in and look sexy in a pant that, at least in my mind, has been associated with men. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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