GunUp Debut!

Over the weekend, I got an email announcing the long-awaited launch of GunUp:

“Thank you for signing up as a pre-launch fan for – the Future of Guns Online.

We are excited to announce, that after a lot of hard work from the team, is now live. GunUp is launching with the best data for guns in current production anywhere on the web with some awesome research tools (GunUp’s GunFinder) as well as a real-time pricing tool (GUestimate) so enthusiasts can get an idea of what a firearm is worth. Check it out and let us know what you think. Your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are welcome, please help us make GunUp the authoritative community of choice for gun enthusiasts. We are receiving great feedback so far, thank you for the support and interest.

We are constantly building out features to make GunUp a more useful website for you, our users. We will be adding Sig Sauers next week (sorry to our Sig Fans!) and as well as more photos. We will also be adding more articles from our users, blog network, and industry writers
but best of all, stay tuned for our “Win Free Ammo for a Year” Sweepstakes in November. GunUp!

Dan Hall
Follow GunUp on Twitter (@gunup) and FaceBook (/gogunup)”

I knew a bit of what to expect since I helped with the beta testing of the site, but I was still anticipating the launch. I was happy when the notification hit my inbox and headed to the site right away. Imagine my surprise when the site didn’t work although social media postings and an email announced that it would! GunUp fixed the small glitch left over from beta testing which made the site ask for a username and password in a popup box when one tried to access it. Finally… I’m in!

I registered and created my profile and began surfing around. Creating my profile was easy, but I was disappointed to find out that if you don’t have a custom URL for your Facebook fan page and you want to enter your fan page on your profile, the link won’t work. I discovered and submitted this bug when the site was in beta testing, but I guess they haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet. Luckily for me, over the weekend the Girls Love Guns Facebook fan page achieved the minimum fan number to receive a custom URL. I was able to go onto GunUp and enter in my custom URL into my profile. Now the link works, but I feel bad for those with smaller fan populations as their links will not work. Hopefully GunUp is working on this issue.

My profile looks cool! I need to get working on a blurb for my bio. I have two badges already. Dan awarded me one badge for participating in the beta testing of the site, but I have no clue what the other one is for. It’s too bad the badge icons aren’t linked to a page describing what the badges are for.

I was a bit disappointed that discussion posts can only be created around specific firearms. What if I have a holster question? Or a carry belt question? Or a concealed carry question? An ammo question? Dan’s goal to make GunUp the go-to place for all things guns is falling short if it restricts discussion surrounding all things gun to things directly related to an exact offering by a gun manufacturer.Hmm.

My final complaint (so far! haha. I’m picky, I know) is that my eMac G4 cannot display the must lusted after GunUp feature GunFinder because my computer cannot handle Microsoft Silverlight. Sigh. I’m going to have to get a new computer soon.

Despite my complaints, GunUp is growing into a great online presence for the gun world and hopefully I can be apart of that growth. You can too! Go check it out at!


  • andes cruz says:

    post the facebook fan page!
    the link with took me to an error, and searching in facebook was hopeless…..

  • Dan Hall says:

    Thanks for the nice post. The badges will be implemented more fully (including a description page) over the next two weeks. Stay tuned. I will speak with the team regarding the FB URLs, that is a concern.
    Right now we are focused on discussions around firearms. We plan on building this out as the community grows to more general discussions. This is on our list to do. Thanks for your support and feedback. User input is what will make GunUp a great community for gun enthusiasts.

    Dan Hall

    • girlsloveguns says:


      Just setting up my blog was a hair-pulling experience for me. I can’t imagine designing an entire site, including unique content like GUestimate and GunFinder. You’ve got your hands full. Thank you for taking time to track down the Facebook issue!

      I’m happy the site is growing and I understand the idea of starting with a small base of good content and then expanding as that builds to accept more discussions. I’ll be on the site, building away to help get us there. I’m sure many other people will pitch in too!

  • Dan Hall says:

    That’s our basic member badge, it gets better as you work your way to becoming a GunUp Expert.

    Dan Hall

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