Kids and Guns

I read a news story today which made me want to cheer. It’s about an 11 year old boy named Mason Knannlein. He stumbled across a handgun in a neighbor’s yard. According to The Blade Newspaper, the gun “had one round in its chamber, ten more bullets in its magazine and no external safety device (The Morning Journal).” This story could have taken a tragic turn here as a child’s natural curiosity and a loaded gun mingled, but instead of handling the gun, Mason knew the right thing to do. He had the neighbor call the police while he stayed near the gun, making sure no one handled it until the police arrived.

Mason knew what to do if he should stumble across a gun. He knew not to pick it up. He knew to tell an adult and to not let anyone else pick it up either. Mason knew this because his family taught him what to do. I firmly believe that ALL parents, just as they teach children to stay away from matches and the neighbor’s pool, should teach their children gun safety. It doesn’t matter if your child shouldn’t have access to guns. Something can happen where they are exposed to a gun you never meant them to see. Mason’s gun probably was thrown into his back yard as a result of an earlier police chase. His parent’s never meant for him to be in this situation. And yet they trained him on what to do, just in case. It probably saved his life.

Source: The Morning Journal.

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