Last Monday’s gun range trip got me started on a journey to improve my aim. Yes, I had plenty of holes in the target, but they were all over the place and I wanted to fix that. I went to and read the page on Sight Alignment to get started and I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know!

First I learned that I don’t only need to put the front sight in between the rear sights, I also need to make sure it’s centered there both horizontally and vertically. Otherwise, I’ll shoot to the left or right and/or low or high. Cool!
I also learned that the other guns I’ve shot (Bersa Thunder .380, 9mm Hi Point, Springfield XD Subcompact) all probably had their sights aligned horizontally as combat hold guns and my P22 probably has its sights aligned horizontally as a target hold gun. On Monday, I was aiming the P22 like I had aimed the HiPoint on my previous two range trips. Oops.
I’m looking forward to going to the range again and putting into practice what I’ve read this week about using the sights on my P22. I hope what I’ve learned will help improve my aim.

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