TMCC Student Withdraws Assault Claims

I was wondering why local news didn’t seem very concerned that TMCC notified the public of an assault. Maybe they knew the TMCC PD had doubts? I don’t know, but TMCC issued this notice today:

“On October 19, 2010, TMCC Police Department initiated an exhaustive investigation into a reported battery, robbery and possible sexual assault at the TMCC Dandini Campus. During the course of this investigation, TMCC PD officers located video evidence which confirms the alleged victim in this case was not on campus during the time period this incident reportedly occurred. ┬áThe alleged victim subsequently withdrew the claims.

The reported incident is without merit and the timely warning notification issued on October 20, 2010, is canceled.

Notwithstanding the favorable resolution of this case, TMCC students, employees and the general public should familiarize themselves with recommended safety practices, remain vigilant and always report suspicious activity as soon as possible.”

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