Improvements to the “Gun Room”

GB had some of his belongings delivered from his old storage unit. Included in the mess were two gun safes. One tall skinny one and one short fat one. He carried them upstairs for me and filled them up. Just this past week, I’ve gotten around to making the “gun room” even more awesome. I carried downstairs the old, broken wood and glass gun cabinet and rearranged the furniture and the gun safes in the room. We now have an entire wall-length gun closet complete with two safes, range bag storage, gun case storage, etc. It’s so organized and beautiful.

I never thought I’d say that gun safes= a beautiful thing.  It’s remarkable to see how much I’ve changed in the past year.

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  • James says:

    One day when I finally buy some property and build a house, one thing that will be built without exception is the safe room. A concrete-walled room with a 3″ thick vault door.

    I hope to buy a larger safe soon as I have finally outgrown the one I have. When I finally get a stock for the SKS I got back from GB and an upper for the AR lower I bought back as well, i will have nowhere to put them, literally.
    Thankfully I found a good deal on a 48 gun Cannon safe locally. I think the old safe will take up residence in the garage or something. Maybe I can turn it into a deepfreezer or something.

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