Discreet Carry Ingenuity: Pepper Spray in Cleavage Holster

I checked my email this week and found an interesting message from Pepper over at Discreet Carry. It really hit home with me because this last week, a student at TMCC reported being assaulted at the same time I get out of class and in the same parking lot where I happened to park that night. Had it been me who was attacked, I too would have been unarmed as campus carry is not Kosher here. It was later realized that the attack could not have taken place as described and the attack claims were withdrawn, but the reminder to me to be safe is still applicable. And Pepper over at Discreet Carry has given me one more idea on how to be safe. She says that they have found that their cleavage holster fits many personal pepper sprays and even tasers.

For example, Pepper says “the $350.00 Taser C2 aimed at women (it comes in pink….) fits well in the large Cleavage holster. It is very light and 6 inches high and 1.5″ thick, and narrow enough to fit.” Cool! For those of us who can’t carry at work or school, using our same holster in our same place will help us to react quicker in an emergency where we don’t have our carry gun, but we do have a backup plan like a taser or a pepper spray. It sure beats digging through your purse or wondering where your keys are if the spray is on your ring. Pepper says, “the key to self defense is being able to access your weapon easily, which as we both know, means just barely reaching down and drawing something to disable the attacker in order to escape harm.”

I haven’t tried this because I don’t yet own pepper spray or a taser, but this sounds really promising. If you try it, write me and let me know how it works for you.

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