Appleseed Prep

Time flew by since my last Appleseed back in August. It seems like only a moment passed since I prepared for, shot and documented that event and here it is the end of October and time to prep for the second and final 2010 Gardnerville, NV shoot.

My Marlin at my last Appleseed had a moment where it’s trigger stuck rearward. Fiddling with it then seemed to solve the problem, but just to be safe, I shot a loaner Marlin that an instructor had. I did some research online as to why my trigger would stick rearward and discovered it was my fault. I got it all gummed up by putting Hoppe’s on it and lube on it. The desert dust just was attracted to that film left behind on all of those tiny moving parts and just that bit of dust was enough to cause problems for me. I purchased some CLP and took apart my rifle, but hadn’t got around to CLPing it and reassembling it.

Friday my work closed in celebration of Nevada Day and I was able to dedicate it to preparing for Appleseed. I finally CLPed the trigger assembly and dried it off with patches and cloth. I was surprised at how much gunk I removed from the trigger group. The CLP dried nice and smooth. I felt a new soft feeling on the parts, but couldn’t detect any moisture. I ran it by GB who gave his approval before I reassembled the rifle. I asked him if I could bring along his 10/22 in case I ran into trouble again. It’d be nice to have a backup rifle available to me. He acquiesced on the stipulation I clean his rifle before I brought it with me.

He hadn’t cleaned it since he shot it for three days in the Nevada dirt back at the May 2010 Gardnerville Appleseed. Yikes! I had my work cut out for me. The rifle was filthy. I could hear the sand and dirt grinding in there. And that rifle was much more difficult to take down and reassemble than my Marlin. All in all, I spent an hour cleaning it. Then, just for fun, I took a look at the trigger group to see if it needed any CLPing too. It looked fine. But while I was poking around in there, I sent a spring flying. Hahaha.

I like it when I break things. It’s fun to figure out how to fix them. I like taking things apart and putting them back together again. But it’s more than a little disconcerting when your girlfriend disassembles your rifle for the first time without following any tutorial and then sends a spring flying. LOL. Poor GB; I almost gave him a heart attack. But we put the spring back in and it works just fine now. 🙂

Other Appleseed preparations I took care of on Friday included packing up the car with an entire load of laundry worth of clothes in varying warmth and waterproof abilities, a chair, the range bag and food and water for the weekend. I had a nagging feeling I was missing something and I realized later that I was missing my sling’s rear swivel. I tend to shoot with loop sling, so I was fine without it, but it’s going to drive me crazy wondering where that darn swivel got off to!

Preparing for an Appleseed can be just as exhausting as actually shooting in one! Whew! And when I got done prepping for Appleseed, my day wasn’t over. I still had to get my act together to run a shooting booth at my church Saturday night. I had made some plans as to what I would be doing, but I hadn’t solidified anything yet nor had I begun shopping for supplies yet.  Life is busy!

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