Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth Prep

After I had finished my Appleseed prep on Friday, I started into my Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth preparations. I had been brainstorming on and off as to how I would do an indoor shooting booth that was fun, safe, educational, realistic and offered an introduction to shooting that these kids would remember as they grew up and became mentally mature enough to actually go out shooting. I settled on this idea: zombie targets on the wall covered in plastic, the floor covered in plastic and Nerf guns loaded with darts covered in chocolate pudding. This way, the targets could be reused after a quick wipe of a wash cloth and the kids could see from the smear of the chocolate dart where they hit on the target in relation to where they aim. Since it’s only pudding, if someone got too happy when loading their Nerf gun and made a mess or if someone shot someone else, any resulting messes could be washed easily.

Shopping list:

  • Chocolate pudding- Walmart- $3
  • 2 Nerf guns- Walmart- $16 (Just a precautionary item. The lady in charge of the Trunk or Treat is supposed to be bringing me some Nerf guns from home to use).
  • 1 painter’s drop cloth- Dollar Tree- $3
  • 3- plastic table cloth covers- Dollar Tree- $3
  • 3- zombie targets- Safe Shot Indoor Range- $6

At eight o-clock Friday night I was finally finished preparing for Appleseed and for the shooting booth. Then, I ate dinner, I laid out my shooting clothes and my church costume clothes and went to bed wondering how it would all work out waking up in the dark and driving more than an hour to a far away range to shoot all day only to drive back, shower, costume, set up a shooting booth and run that until 9-10 p.m. Go home, sleep and get up early again for another entire day of shooting. This weekend was about to kick my butt, I thought, as I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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