Shooting Range Trip

GB and I went to the Washoe County Shooting Facility again last week. My third range trip and my first time shooting the Walther P22. Packing up went well because we put GP upstairs so she wouldn’t freak out. We packed up my Walter, GB’s brand new Springfield XD Subcompact, the Mosin-Nagant, the Ruger 10/22 and the Bersa Thunder .380. Plus the range bag of course. We had our hands (and the trunk of my little car) full!
When we arrived at the range, there were a lot of cars there, but the people left, all but two of them, very soon after we got there. It was nice seeing all of the cars and the range and knowing what and how to do. We got everything out of the car and went to see the range master. I knew to have my ears on until we got in and got the door shut behind us and to put them on again before opening the door. Just little things like that, proceedural things, made me feel accomplished, happy and comfortable at the range. We paid our fees, including a bit extra for some targets and a spotting scope.
I got the same lane as we had last time and GB took the lane right next to me. After we stashed all of our gear on our two tables, we went back and got our target stands. I knew where to go and picked one and I carried it myself back to the tables. GB did all of that last time since we shared one. Again, I felt good knowing what to do and how to do it.

At the next target break, we carried our target stands downrange and set them up in these little holes. We forgot the pretty sticky targets at home that turn colors when you shoot them, so we just had our plain targets on the target stands. Shooting was AWESOME. I put at least 200 rounds through the P22. It jammed once and I cleared it myself. The P22 was easy to shoot and I got the hang of the controls really quickly. I wasn’t very accurate. I made holes all over the place on my target, but it’s all good. The last round in the magazine always flew its hot brass straight at my face. The other rounds all ejected to the side just fine.
GB asked me if I wanted to shoot the Bersa and I did. It stung like the Hi Point did, but the Bersa is alot smaller than the Hi Point so the pain went into my hand and arm and not into my thumb like it did with the Hi Point. It wasn’t a bad gun to shoot, but I liked the feel of the P22 in my hand and the control accessibility of the P22. The Bersa is a better concealed carry gun for me than the P22 of course, but it’s a shame it’s not as easy for me as a leftie as the P22 is.I also shot the Springfield XD Subcompact. It’s controls were easier to use than the Bersa’s because the safety is on the gun’s backstrap so just holding it flips it to fire. It stung less than the Bersa, but it was as too big for my hands as the Hi Point was, putting all of the sting into my thumb instead of into the web of my hands and wrists.

Next, I shot the Mosin-Nagant. GB was surprised that I wanted to shoot it. I was contemplating asking him, I was afraid he might say no and right when I was thinking about it, he asked me if I’d like to shoot it. YES! I said. He just handed it to me and wanted me to have at it. I was annoyed with him that he wanted to just hand it to me without any direction. I didn’t have any experience with loading a gun that didn’t take a magazine. I’d only used guns with the two dots close to you, one dot far away from you type of sight. I was like “hello, I need help!” He showed me how to load it and how to eject the used round. He explained how the sights on it worked. They were the circle and post type.
Then I had at it!

I did good with it too! GB said he was impressed with my sighting abilities and that if I tried for a gong, I might be able to hit it and then he’d be sad cause he didn’t hit it when he tried. I didn’t want to try for a gong, I wanted to keep shooting at the target and learning how to get better
accuracy. I think I ended up shooting the Mosin more than GB did! It was fun. : ) It didn’t kick my chest much, if at all, but my front elbow did get a bit sore. I put the sock for the Ruger 10/22 under my elbow and it did much better. I shot the Mosin left-handed and didn’t have any trouble with flying brass getting my arm.
The two people shooting in the lane next to us were fun to shoot with. One was a Vietnam War veteran. He smiled at me a lot and asked me if I was having fun. I said I was. He admired GB’s Mosin and talked about some of the firearms he was able to bring back from Vietnam. The other guy was much more quiet, but still cool. He had the larger version of GB’s XD and GB drooled over it a bit. When I went to shoot the Mosin, he waggled his eyebrows at me. haha. He did hit the gong, but I didn’t hear it because in the target break before GB busted out the Mosin, I put in earplugs underneath my ears.We stayed till the range closed! And I wished it stayed open longer. I cleaned up my brass with the broom and GB carried both of our target stands back to the shed at the same time. We said goodbye to the rangemaster and the two people we were shooting with, used the facilities to clean up and then headed home. After this trip, I decided I would be comfortable going to the range without GB and I think I will do that. Waiting for us to have a day off together between shooting trips is annoying!

All photos courtesy of GB.

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