Tacticool22 May Make Marlin Gear

The people over at Tacticool22 make some great things for the traditional Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle (LTR), the Ruger 10/22, but more and more Appleseeders are coming to the firing line on limited budgets and so are turning to the more accurate out of the box Marlin 795. This rifle is cheaper and can be fired on the Appleseed line as is. It comes with studs for slings already installed on the stock and has sexier stock sights than the Ruger 10/22 does. Outside of Appleseed, shooters are falling in love with the Marlin for the same reasons. But the limited offering of aftermarket Marlin accessories is keeping current Marlin owners trapped into stock rifle items and may prohibit future Marlin owners from purchasing a Marlin. For example, someone with a shorter or longer length of pull might be steered towards the Ruger because more aftermarket stocks are available to customize the rifle to the shooter.

I sent a Twitter DM to the official Tacticool22 Twitter account asking if they sold items for the Marlin. They replied that they don’t, but that they were now thinking about it. If you’d like to see more items offered for you as a current Marlin owner, as an Appleseeder looking for a secondary LTR to loan, as someone needing an affordable rifle for a new shooter to learn on or as a future Marlin owner yourself, please let Tacticool22 know that they should manufacturer and sell Marlin items. Their Twitter name is @Tacticool22, they’re on Facebook and their web address is www.tacticool22.com.


  • Drang says:

    Want a Marlin Papoose, myself, the take-down .22 just makes sense for a BOB.
    (Actually have two older–as in, my Great-Uncle’s, and Mrs. Drang’s father’s–.22s that take down, but, they’re antiques, rather not…)

  • James says:

    My favorite thing about owning a 1022 is the immediate question asked as soon as someone else finds out you bought one.

    “What all have you bought for it?”
    as apparently they are expected to not function 100 percent out of the box, or something.

    • girlsloveguns says:

      That’s one thing I love about my Marlin, it’s much cheaper than the Ruger and it’s more accurate out of the box than the Ruger is. Especially for me because the Ruger sight picture just isn’t easy for me to see. The florescent orange front post on the Marlin is much easier to line up with the rear sight. If I ever need a Ruger though, I can always steal GB’s!!

      I met the California Appleseed instructor who let me shoot his pimped out Marlin at the August Sacramento Appleseed at the Big Reno Gun Show and he’s going to give me a shorter Marlin stock for free. I’m so excited! He cut it down for his nephew, but his nephew actually preferred the full-length stock. I can’t wait to try it out; he said he’d be back this way for Thanksgiving and he’d bring it down.

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