Trunk or Treat Shooting Booth After Action Report

Saturday night after Appleseed, I flew into my driveway, ran to the house and got cracking! I showered, costumed and gathered up shooting booth supplies. GB drove us to the church building while I brushed my hair– haha. We arrived just in time. I began setting up my booth in earnest while everyone mingled (See planning the booth posts here and here). It ended up being a smart idea I had to purchase two “just-in-case” Nerf guns for the booth because the lady who was going to bring her kids’ Nerf guns from home forgot to do so.

We participated in the chili cook-off judging and voting and then the carnival games begun. From that point, I ran around like a mad-woman. GB ran around too. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to get every kid who wanted a chance to shoot zombie clowns and zombie Nazis through the shooting booth. No one got shot, everyone had fun, I ran completely out of prizes and my booth was the most popular booth of the night. Whoo-hooo!

Pictures of what happens when you hand Nerf guns loaded with chocolate pudding covered darts to children 3-12 years old:


Aim… FIRE!

Targets with chocolate pudding “bullet holes”

The darts would hit the target and then drop to the floor creating a delicious mess.

The aftermath.

Working with the young kids was fun as they discovered that they could “kill” zombies and save us all. The older kids were also a treat to teach because they grasped better how their aim impacted where they hit and which hits were more effective. Two female shooters competed against each other and the bought was close: 2-1. Hopefully this opportunity to fake shoot will inspire these two competitive and fun-loving girls to attend the more noisy kind of shooting range. 🙂

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